Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Roses

Just giving people a heads up that Valentine roses are a really good way of collecting rose petals for your work.  I make the rounds of friends and family and ask them in advance that if they receive red roses for Valentine's then after the wilt if I can have them. I then dry them and use them in my work. If you are afraid of them finding out that you are a practitioner then just tell them you are making potpourri. For the past few years I've hit jackpot with regard to rose petals and haven't had to purchase any. This is good since the fact that Valentine's roses are given with love seems to help boost their power. This is also good since I accidentally killed my rosebush. It was huge and ancient, probably planted in the 50s or 60s. It produced the most beautiful of blooms, almost the same that is sold by Florists. They were very fragrant as well. I just had to go and cut a taproot preparing the garden. Half of it quickly died and the other half died a couple years later. So sad.

Also, don't be weary of using fresh rose petals in your work. You don't always have to use dried petals. I love working with fresh rose petals and actually prefer them to dried ones.

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