Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Arrest Made In "Unsolved Mysteries" Oklahoma Triple Murder Case

In 1992, Wendy Camp, Lisa Kregear and 6 year-old Cynthia Britto disappeared after visiting Wendy's son.  Wendy had a son named Jonathan with a man named Chad Noe. Chad's mother, Beverly Noe, sneakily obtained full custody of Jonathan while Wendy was in the hospital for treatment of MS. However, Wendy was awarded visitation rights. Beverly Noe and Chad Noe did everything they could to prevent Wendy from seeing her son. They even made false accusations that Wendy's husband was molesting her son during visits and even though Wendy and Leon were never at any time left alone with Jonathan during visits. Finally, on May 29, 1992, Chad Noe called Wendy Camp and asked her if she wanted to see Jonathan. Since Wendy was too ill to drive, Beverly Noe would come pick her up. Beverly's mother, Ida Prewitt, would be riding with Beverly. Wendy agree.

Wendy was ecstatic and believed that things were finally getting better between the families. She eventually hoped to regain custody of her son. However, Wendy's then current husband, Leon Camp, was suspicious and advised her that she should not travel alone with them. Leon didn't want to attend for fear of again being falsely accused of molesting Jonathon.  Wendy decided to ask her sister-in-law, Lisa Kregear, Leon's sister, to come with her. Lisa agreed. Wendy also decided to take her 6 year-old daughter Cynthia with her. The trio were picked up by Beverly and Ida. They never arrived home. Beverly Noe and Ida Pruitt both claimed that on the drive back that Wendy Camp became belligerent and that they dropped the trio off at a local Walmart. Unsolved Mysteries did a segment on their disappearance where Beverly Noe and the family again emphatically denied having any involvement in their disappearance.

In April of last year (2013), the remains of Wendy Camp, Lisa Kregear and 6 year-old Cynthia Britto were found on property owned by Beverly Noe's brother, Grover Prewitt. Grover Prewitt was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact in first degree murder. It is believed that it was Grover who buried the bodies. Now police have made a second arrest, that of Beverly Noe and have charged her with 3 counts of first degree murder.

Ida Prewitt passed away from cancer in 2011, so she can not be brought to earthly justice. Grover Prewitt and Beverly Noe have been arrested and will be tried and most likely convicted for their crimes. This still leaves one more arrest that will probably soon take place. However, rumor is that Chad Noe claims to have no knowledge of the murders and allegedly took a polygraph and passed. This said, two people had previously claimed that Chad Noe had bragged about the murders.

I've had a strong fascination with this case since it was local. It was always one of those local mysteries as to what happened to these women and child. I hope their murderers receive the maximum sentence for their horrendous crime, up to and including the death penalty.

(Edit: I just learned that Grover Prewitt claims that his sister (Beverly Noe) and his mother (Ida Prewitt) killed Wendy, Lisa and Cynthia. His apparent role was to dispose of the bodies.)

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  1. A detective who is diligent, thorough and has a ton of heart is easily worth his weight in salt. Hard to come by. Especially out here in the Las Vegas area.