Thursday, March 20, 2014

Concerning Free Emergency Work

I just wanted to let people know that I have never promised to take on every single person who comes to me asking for free emergency work.  I simply can not take on every single person who comes to me. Yes, I listen to Spirit and let Spirit guide me. However, my time and attention goes to my paying clients. Any free work I do takes place in between clients. I will never, repeat never, drop a paying client in order to help someone for free. The sad thing is people will ask me to do jut this. It's not fair to the client.

If someone comes to me and asks for free work the very first thing is to determine if it's a real emergency. If it's not an emergency then no free work will be given. Love work is not an emergency. Getting revenge is not an emergency. You getting a promotion at your job is not an emergency and it also lets me know that you can afford to hire me for work as you have a job!

If the situation is a real emergency and if the person approaches me in the correct manner, upfront and honest, then I probably can take it on as free work if I'm not too busy with paying clients. However, if I can't take the case on do not argue with me. Do not get rude with me. It will not make me change my mind. If I turn such a case down it's only because it's either not a true emergency or I'm too busy with paying clients. There is no anger or hatred on my part against the person asking. So I would prefer that people not respond hateful and angry with me.

Finally, please remember that free emergency work is not designed to make your life perfect. I really do not want to read anymore emails from people asking for 10-20 "free emergency works", as if they are operating under the assumption that it's my responsibility to make people's lives perfect and solve all of their problems. When people send me emails with dozens of requests for this and that, every single problem in their life, I only pick out one or two top priority needs and work on those alone, if I choose to take on the case. Please understand why.

If I can't take on a case for free emergency work then I always include the person's name and situation for the prayer list.

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