Monday, March 31, 2014

Product Review - Pheromone Oil Perfume - Do As I Say

Brand: Pheromone Oil Perfume
Type: Perfume/Cologne
Name: Do As I Say
Package: 1/3 fl. oz. Roll On Bottle
Color: Orange
Label: A woman putting the "whammy" on a man with her eyes, as in light beams of influence coming out of her eyes and meeting his eyes. The brand name appears in Spanish at the top and "Do As I Say" is written at the bottom.

The label does not reflect the label shown at site. It's much more subdued and color faded. It's so faded that the rays of light coming from the woman's eyes and meeting the man's eyes are not visible. The label appears to be the same type of gold label used for Anna Riva oils. As such, I fear it will quickly rub off. There is a bit of unknown herbal and/or root material in the bottle. I am unable to identify it. This is an alleged pheromone oil, meaning there is supposed to be human pheromones in the oil. Pheromones are believed to help play a role in attracting a mate and to help us become more sociable in groups. Pheromones are also supposed to communicate just about everything from our sexual preference, our state of health, and even to how strong our DNA is. Believe it or not, pheromones are odorless. In one study a group of men were made to smell tears collected from women. The men were later tested and it was found that they had a surge of testosterone released after smelling the tears. When people smell pheromones they do not register any smell in their brains but they do pick up on them unconsciously and react to it whether they realize it or not. Have you ever met someone, male or female, and just automatically knew you liked them? It might be that they have strong pheromones. So there is supposed to be pheromones in the bottle but I must admit that I am skeptical of such. The fragrance is a pleasant mix of a subtle sugary, cotton candy type smell with a hint of musk and sweet orange. I do like the scent. The scent is unisex so either gender can wear it.  It does seem to work. I wore it to ask a favor of someone and they agreed. It also seems to attract women. I've worn it out twice now and several woman have approached me and smelled me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this a 9. I would purchase it again and I'm interested in purchase additional types of this product.

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  1. Doc,
    I just received this in the mail today. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to use it best. Just pray over it and wear it? Thanks in advance.