Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is "A". She had a reading with me some time back and this is what she has to say about it.

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Hi Doc!
Sorry this is coming so late to you.
We had a reading a couple weeks ago and I wanted to give you feedback for your other clients and potential clients.
I had a reading with Doc after maybe one or two emails of going back and forth about the process. He is extremely prompt with his responses and very professional. We scheduled a time to talk after arranging payment. I had a few questions that I knew I wanted answered and then just figured we would fill in the blanks with other stuff as it came up.
When he called me, I was really impressed by his warmth on the phone. I'm not a phone person at all and frankly the phone gets me a bit nervous but he really was calming just by his demeanor. I liked that a lot. And so we started with my questions. He gave me pretty definitive answers to which I was impressed by. He asked me a few clarifying questions as well which made me realize his intuitive ability as well.  In retrospect I do wish I spent more time and wrote down more because he seemed perplexed that my burning questions were answered pretty quickly. He did fill in some blanks with other info which I wrote down and will keep an eye on for predictions. We spent some time talking about the work I am going to have him do as well so I think that we might have done sort of a combo of a reading and consult. That's just kind of the direction we went in. I guess it's because I'm pretty process oriented and while I had him on the phone, I figured we would cover that information too. He clarified a lot.
He's really personable and is not judgemental at all. I really liked that because I was asking a lot of the typical questions I think that people ask and he approached me with kindness and my situation with respect. I'm pretty sure I repeated myself too which he's super patient about. At one point we had a good laugh about a mix up in my story too which made me know he's still lighthearted without being totally down to business. He's straightforward but not rude like some "straightforward" people can seem to be. Totally different things and I like that he knows the difference!!
He is confident in his abilities and really explained the process of the work getting started to me. I'm in the midst of gathering my money for it and I can't wait to start. He's a really cool genuine worker.
My one advice to potential clients is to definitely write your questions down and prepare a bit for the reading to get the most out of it. I think in my nervousness, I didn't realize they'd be answered so quickly. Haha.
Sorry for being so long winded!! I hope this helps. Talk to you soon.
God bless

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