Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Botanica La Guadalupana

Just got home from visiting a botanica in my area, Botanica La Guadalupana.  It was a small store. The first thing I noticed was that a parrot and several quail were running around free. I assumed the quail were intended as sacrifices for Oshun but I didn't ask. Lot of incense burning. Lots of saint statues in all sizes. Not a huge selection of candles but they were only $7. Lots of Vandi oils. As in most botanicas I visit, there was the usual elderly family member sleeping in a chair. LOL I don't know what's up with that but  I swear every time I go to a botanica there is always an elderly person sleeping. I had meant to go to another botanica but when I arrived they were closed and wouldn't return for another hour.  So I went to this one instead. Of course nobody spoke English. The girl who rang me up only spoke a few words in English so I had to mainly point at what I wanted. What I found strange is that she put on latex gloves before helping me. I thought that was kind of odd. I ended up buying a reversing candle.

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  1. Amazing. That one elderly person sleeping next to the door, they even have it at SEARS. I thought: "He probably came with someone who works here and was told to wait since they got busy." But when I looked harder he was the security guard. Blow me away!!!
    I use Papa Jim's Botanica in Texas, they are pretty good-price wise and have everything. CHECK IT OUT.