Friday, April 11, 2014

Botanica San Cipriano

Yesterday I visited a botanica in my area called Botanica San Cipriano. It's a quaint looking purple building. It quickly became my favorite local botanica. The selection was nice. Lots of inventory. Lots of saint statues. Lots of candles. Not much in the way of incense and powders. The oils tended to be a bit iffy, mostly Indio and a Spanish brand. I don't know why botanicas will carry Indio oil but not Seven Sisters. Anyway, I enjoyed it. I spend a lot of time browsing and talking to the man who worked there. I bought a couple of statues, some soap, some candles, an amulet and a palo abre camino. The man even shared with me a trick with what he does. He takes 21 palo abre camino and soaks them in either Siete Machos cologne or Florida Water and uses that to take off stuff and open the roads. He even will let me buy candles by the case and give me a discount on them on top of that. So I will definitely be shopping their frequently. Below is a video someone made of the shop and then uploaded it to YouTube. On future visits I will try to take some pictures.

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  1. Lucky Guy. This is in OKC right next door. Over here in KY we have no botanica shops and if we do and I do not know about it It is then in someone's garage or house and setting it up like a coffee shop. And those ones in IN are also coffee shop style. Actually most what they do is Yoga.
    OMG I had a hard time locating a botanica. Till I landed on Papa Jim's Botanica website. They have a large collection of candles, herbs, powders, oils, amulets, mojo bags and a lot more. Check it out. Papa Jim's Botanica
    is located in Texas and they are expedient in shipping. One of my large orders was packed within hours and ready to ship. I received 4 boxes in 2 days.