Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dr. Evelyn Paglini Has Passed Away

Dr. Evelyn Paglini has passed away. Paglini was a practicing witch and semi-celebrity, having appeared on Coast to Coast AM with both Art Bell and George Noory from the 1990s up to 2013. Paglini's appearances on Coast to Coast AM remained popular for her psychic predictions and the free spells she gave out to listeners. Paglini also owned her own occult store, Mystical Blend. On Saturday, March 29, 2014, Paglini passed away from heart failure. The current inventory at her store will be sold and then the store will close.

I had  a love/hate relationship with Paglini, even though I never met her or conversed with her. I loved her attitude about "fighting evil." However, Paglini was incredibly wrong at times and was involved in practices that people really should know about. In the early 1970s Paglini was a practicing satanist, although it was a different form of satanism than the LaVeyan satanism that most are familiar with. She created her own satanic church in Chicago in 1974. In the 1980s Paglini reinvented herself as an alleged neopagan, stregha-witch, with an unusual sounding name of her alleged tradition (genesian?), which she claims was taught to her by a relative. Unfortunately, there's simply no evidence to indicate any of this is true. It seems as if she just made this up and went with it, developing this mythology as the years passed. If this wasn't bad enough, in the 1980s Paglini supported the claims of alleged SRA survivors. SRA (satanic ritual abuse) is the claim that satanic cults are abusing children in satanic rites, performing human sacrifice and forcing young girls to be "breeders", to constantly give birth to babies which would then be sacrificed to Satan. To date no alleged "SRA survivor" has ever presented sufficient proof or evidence to indicate their claims are valid. What is proven is that the false accusation by these "survivors" have destroyed the lives of countless innocent people. By supporting these mentally ill people Paglini has played her part in destroying innocent lives as well. Finally, I need to touch on the magic spells that Paglini performed. It's clear to me that Paglini took hoodoo, a.k.a root work or conjure, and tried to turn it into a neopagan craft. Even though Paglini seemingly stole stuff from hoodoo she seemingly did not have a basic understanding of what she was doing. This is evident in the recommendations she made concerning the candles, colors and oils she made to people during her interviews. It seems she knew "just enough" about hoodoo to get by with stealing it but truly lacked a basic foundation of understanding.

Now, I reveal these stuff not because I'm a "hater." I reveal this stuff because I purposefully wait until someone has passed away in order to reveal what I know about them. I believe it's important that people know she was a satanist and that she pretty much made up her claims about a hereditary line of witchcraft. This said, I viewed her in the light of entertainment. I enjoyed her media presentations and I will miss hearing more from her.

R.I.P. Dr. Evelyn Paglini. Below is one of her first, if not her actual first, appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. This program aired on July 16, 1997.

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