Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Emergency Work - Just So People Know

If I am asked to perform free work for something that is not an emergency I will turn it and the person asking it down for good. I do not allow the person to keep bringing up situations until they finally get one that qualifies for free work. Sorry, I'm not going to be used like that. So if your initial request is not an emergency then you have blown it for good with me. Sorry, that's how it is. So people best better use their brains before emailing me. People should know good and well what an emergency is and what is not an emergency. Love work is not an emergency and no worker will ever do free enemy work for you. Getting a raise or promotion is not an emergency and lets me know you have a job and can afford to hire a worker. Reconciliation work, break-up work, hot foot, "become famous in music/acting" and even death work are all things that certain people have, believe it or not, asked to get free work for. Sorry, I was born at night but it wasn't last night.

Examples of what is an emergency:

-Fixing to lose a job
-Fixing to lose a house
-Medical emergency/on death's door
-Can't find a job and fixing to lose everything
-Raped/Molested/Physically Abused (only protection, never free enemy work)

What is not an emergency:

-Love work
-Uncrossing/Reversing (You being crossed up is not an emergency and does not qualify for free work. You must pay to be uncrossed/cleansed or else handle it on your own.)
-Enemy Work (Break-up, Revenge, Hot Foot, etc.)
-Court Case/Legal work/Get somebody out of jail/Put someone in jail
-Prosperity work
-Money Drawing work
-The job of your dreams
-Fame in music/acting/arts, getting an agent, etc.
-Most protection work
-Spiritual attack involving ghosts, entities. etc.
-Make your life perfect

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