Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mars In Opposition Tonight

Mars is in opposition tonight, meaning it's on the opposite side of the sun. Mars is also at it's closest approach to earth as well. Every two years Mars comes close to earth but this night is special because it's the closest Mars has come in 7 years. Mars will rise around sunset and will be visible as a bright orange star.  It will be high in the sky at midnight. Mars' energy encompasses and influences masculinity, sexuality and vitality, as well as war and protection. Tonight I'm going to try an experiment and try to gather Mars water, not to be confused with war water, but rather water that has been left outside to soak up the Mars energy. I tried this the last Venus-in-transit, when Venus passed over the Sun's disk, and it seemed to work out good.

So if things get a bit bitchy, wonky or chaotic, or if you feel a bit randy, then you can blame it on Mars.


  1. Definitely good to know! Thank you for the heads-up on that, Doc! I am always curious to hear what is going on astrologically...
    Let us know how the Mars Water turns out!

  2. My planetary personal experience, tells me that Mars is POWERFUL. Mars is so protective and has a very distinct quality. If whatever task you had been working on in your life any single issue, family-work anything under the sun; and did not finish it- OOOhhhh, Mars will keep coming back again and again until you finish. Your life will go back in time for that particular situation surrounding the particular issue. Do not misunderstand me, your life will move on but the particular situation surrounding the particular issue.
    I feel so hot and sexy tonight waiting for my knight. I think I am going to do a ritual before I melt in my knight arms.

  3. First you should consider your natal Mars and your Sun, if these are found in good condition you should make talismans, and if they are bad you should appease them. Transits affect according the planets in the birth chart. If your natal Mars (or the Sun) are wrong, transits is the least you have to worry.
    A person with a planet in good condition is not afraid of transits, it is like an island in the middle of a hurricane even if it is moved never go out of place.

  4. Even if you wanted to take advantage of good transits, if you have natal planets in bad shape you will not get nearly enough. This is something that many people do not consider, looking for the best time to get married by elective astrology but the birth chart does not bode well. They are wasting their time.