Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reminder - May Day Dew

For those who are interested, tomorrow is May Day, the first of May. Lore has it that if you rise before dawn and gather the dew on May Day and use it to wipe or wash your face then it will give you clear skin and/or help retain youthfulness. In the past people are rumored to have rolled naked in the grass! However, an easier method of gathering the dew is to either rub your hands on the foliage, getting the wet with dew, and then rub your hands over your face. One can also use a rag or cloth to soak up the dew and then the rub the rag or cloth over the face and body. Some people even went as far as ringing out the rag or cloth and collecting the dew in small bottles for use throughout the year.

(Tonight is also Walpurgisnacht or Witchs' night. In Germany and surrounding countries it was believed witches and other supernatural creatures were most active on this night.)

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