Monday, April 28, 2014

The FDA's New Regulations On E-Cigs

Last Thursday the FDA announced that it was beginning it's process of regulating e-cigs. The story was picked up by the media but was, of course, downplayed as if it was no big deal or even as if it was a good thing. The purpose of this blog entry is to help educate the public on how the FDA's proposed regulations are horrible and how they will ultimately cause more deaths.

So what are the proposed regulations? Well, the FDA wants to start by making it a Federal law that minors can not purchase e-cigs. I don't know of anyone who opposes this step. In fact, almost half of the states already have legislation making sale of e-cigs to minors illegal. So no one is up-in-arms about this particular ruling. Other regulations are similar, warning labels and no more free samples of e-juice (the test-tasting bars at vape shops). What does have vapers upset is the other proposed regulations. The FDA has issued a requirement of any model of e-cig manufactured from 2007 onwards. This means manufacturers of every single e-cig device sold today must fill out an application and submit it and an expensive fee to the FDA. The same is true for manufacturers of e-juice or e-liquid. The FDA then will review the model and either decide to allow it or not. Any model the FDA has not received an application for will be banned in the U.S. Any model or e-juice the FDA simply doesn't like will be banned in the U.S.  So what's the big deal? Well, the big deal is that the high fee associated with the application will stop the production of new models and new flavors of e-juice. As of right now, new, better models are being churned out at an incredible rate. New flavors hit the market almost every single day. This will all come to a grinding halt in two years when the new regulation goes into effect. Most of the smaller companies can not afford the high fees that will need to be paid to the FDA for every single model of e-cig and every single flavor of e-juice they sell. Most smaller companies will go out of business. Are you ready for this? Guess who can afford the high fees demanded by the FDA? You probably guessed it, Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco has lobbied for the FDA to implement it's regulations because they know that in one swoop all of the competition in the market will be destroyed and they will be given full control over e-cigs. Do people understand this? Already certain uneducated people are spreading the lie that Big Tobacco is already in control of e-cigs and that's why e-cigs must be regulated. It's simply not true. Big Tobacco can not, at the moment, compete with all of the smaller companies that churn out new models and flavors of e-cigs. In fact, most Tobacco companies that are trying to get into the e-cig market are stuck at the cig-a-like level, the e-cigs that resemble cigarettes and not the higher end models that vapers prefer.

Let me now talk about the real dangers that FDA regulations with pose. These new regulations are only the start and the FDA has admitted such. In the future new rounds of regulations will follow. What does the FDA ultimately want? It's not hard to figure out. We can deduce this from the FDA's regulation of tobacco. The FDA has banned all flavors except tobacco and menthol. I can almost guarantee you that this is what the FDA wants for e-cigs as well. What else can be deduced? Well, I would venture to say that the FDA wants to be rid of all models of e-cigs except for the cig-a-likes, the ones that resemble cigarettes. This would be unfortunate as the better models, the ones that don't resemble cigarettes, are the ones that truly satisfy. Additionally I can see the FDA demanding an end to e-juice completely as well as lowering the nicotine content to an absurdly low amount. This would force vapers to purchase cig-a-like e-cigs and purchase pre-filled cartridges, which will be quite expensive. The result of this would mean that many current vapers will return to smoking cigarettes as they will be cheaper. This would result in the rising of deaths from tobacco use. This would be a very sad day indeed.

Vapers, we are under threat. I strongly advise current vapers and friendly supporters, to visit I will post the link below. This is the advocacy group for vapers and e-cigs. Right now one can find any number of petitions to sign online. I would advise people not to sign these petitions as many of them are poorly worded and contain multiple grammatical errors. When fighting back it's important we get behind the right person or group and to support someone who can not spell or can not construct grammatically proper sentences is not the way to go and will only foster the impression that vapers are ignorant and uneducated. Therefore, join CASAA and let them fight this battle. In the meantime vapers can leave messages for the FDA and tell how e-cigs saved their life. Seriously, folks. We stand at a crossroads where the FDA's proposed regulations, which is supposed to protect consumers, is only going to play into the hands of Big Tobacco and force people back to cigarettes. People will die because of the FDA regulations.!docketDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-0189

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