Thursday, May 29, 2014


It's hard to see but in the center of the picture is a duck nest with 8 eggs! I live about a block from a pond and we get so many Canadian geese, it's just crazy. We also had 1 female Mallard and 2 male Mallards that love my yard for some reason. They would just come waddling over, the female in lead and the two males behind her. It was so funny seeing them walk, yes walk and not fly, down the street and come up into my yard to chill for a while. Anyway, I discovered this last week. I think it's the same female but I haven't seen any daddy at all. I'm not sure if only female Mallards raise the young or not. I can't wait until they hatch and we get little ducklings. That will be so cute watching them follow Momma down to the pond. I'll try to get more pics when they hatch for sure. 


  1. It is so beautiful. I just grin and smile from ear to ear when I see duckies. Especially, when duckies cross the street. Here, in KY, traffic has to stop when duckies cross the street. They way duckies walk is so duckie. Duckies always have a leader of the team and duckies travel in groups or twosome, male and female. Any where were there is water pond, there is duckies. I live about two blocks away from a duckies habitat. I have one on my left side and one on my right side. Duckies do not invade each others property or mate. Duckies are very dedicated and peaceful animals. They just look duckie.