Sunday, May 25, 2014

Something Fishy With The Santa Barbara Shooter

Okay, ever since it happened I've been researching it and I don't what I'm finding. So the official story is that this rich kid, he son of the director who directed the Hunger Games movies, a kid who drives a BMW goes on a killing spree because he can't get any girls. Sorry, but I'm not buying it. Weird.

So I then thought that the reason why girls didn't like him was that 1. they sensed he was gay, or 2. they sensed he was a psycho. I mean, lets be real. There's a lot of girls who only care about money and would be all over him in a heartbeat, if he was straight and if he was not a psycho. Not only that but a rich straight guy would know how to use his money to get girls.

However, now I'm really thinking this is all fake. He just comes across as a very, very bad actor. Then I learned that he allegedly sent his manifesto to CNN before going on his alleged killing spree. He also allegedly stabbed to death three men in his apartment. Sorry, I'm not buying that one at all. How the hell can this scrawny kid kill three men, by stabbing them no less? Finally, one of the fathers of an alleged victim went on t.v. the very next day and blamed the NRA! What?

Something is fishy and it wouldn't surprise me to learn this was just another tactic Big Daddy government is trying to use to get us to get rid of guns.

A witness claimed there was a passenger in the car. The police claim he acted alone. This always happens in almost every single spree killing, from JFK to the Santa Barbara Shooter. Witnesses say they saw multiple shooters and the police always say it was just a lone nut.

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  1. I heard that this guy is a real psycho. He applied to the University and his application was denied. The girl he love goes to the university. In fact she was the first girl gunned down. Nineteen and a member of the water polo or something like this. He killed her and others and killed himself. This is psycho.