Monday, May 12, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Sarah (fake name for anonymity). Sarah has been working with me for a while. This is what she has to say.

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I want to give a testimony for DocConjure.
I have been working with him since early this year. In fact, it was my birthday when I and Doc made contact and Doc
accepted my very complicated case. Yes my case is very complicated. I have been to other workers before
I have been scammed by other unethical practitioners. I did not want to be victimized again.
I set a time when I had to ask St. Anthony-a patron Saint of Miracles and St. Martin Cabarello-a patron Saint of horses;
I asked for a "Miracle in finding the professional, dedicated and ethical worker I needed for the complixity of my case.
This was in December 2013. Christmas and New Year came and gone; nothing.
I kept on praying and I did not give up. I had faith.
My prayers were answered on my birthday. My birthday present is the miracle I asked for. My birthday present from
St. Anthony and St. Martin. Upon contacting Doc., we agreed on a regimen to accomplish my objectives.
Honesty, dedication, professionalism and ethical conduct in his practice is what makes him stands out above all.
I am very thankful for the Saints. Doc and I are still working on numerous areas.
I am seeing results. I have faith and I am seeing results quickly.

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