Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Found Another Buddhist Temple......

I just got back from going across town to purchase some large Mexican clay pots for planting when I passed a Buddhist temple I had not seen before. It's called the Quan Am Temple. It had a beautiful statue of Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy turned female bodhisattva. The funny thing is that there was a Christian church located literally right next door. I chuckled and thought to myself what an uneasy situation! I still haven't had time to visit the Buddhist center that opened near my house. I'll have to make some time to pay a visit and check it out.

We have so many Buddhist temples in my state that I can't keep track. There is a large one in Tulsa that allegedly has the largest statue of Quan Yin in the U.S. Here's a video of it below:

We also have at least two Hindu temples, one in Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa. I also plan to visit them someday.

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