Monday, June 2, 2014

Product Review - Ppure Incense Stick - Fast Luck

Brand: Ppure 
Type: Incense Sticks
Name: Fast Luck
Package: Box
Color: Black
Label: A label taken from Lucky Mojo brand, which itself was taken from older labels. The label shows a woman catching falling money and hearts in her dress.

I picked a couple of these boxes up at a convenience store a few weeks back. I was sort of shocked they bore the same label as Lucky Mojo. Then again, the Lucky Mojo labels were taken from older labels as well. They store also carried "Cast Off Evil" but they had sold out. The incense smells nice and is not too strongly scented. The incense comes in bags that have nagchampa (one word) written on them, with the bag rolled up in Hindi newspaper. I thought they were interesting. 

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