Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Satanic Monument In OKC

So you may have heard that members of The Satanic Temple have raised funds and are in the process of having a statue of Baphomet constructed which will be installed at the grounds of the Oklahoma capital in Oklahoma City. This whole thing started as a protest against the Ten Commandments being allowed to be installed at the site. The Satanic Temple feels that if one religion is allowed, then all religions should be allowed, including Satanism. I agree. Of course the only problem is that I don't want any religious statues or monuments there. I actually thought that the goal was simply to get the 10 Commandments monument removed. No, they are actually going through with it. The statue will show an enthroned Baphomet, with a pentagram behind him, and with a happy child on each side of him. The sculpture will be cast in bronze and duplicates will be made in anticipation of the initial destruction of the statue once it's installed. The statue should be finished in October.

If this statue does get installed we are going to draw crowds from all over the world. Can you imagine the city hiring security guards just to protect a statue of Baphomet from vandals?


  1. Doc,
    That's going to be a site to be hold. Let the fights and protest begin. Please send video if you can. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. I know, right! I wouldn't be surprised if some one tries to blow it up!