Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Under Attack From Trolls

Wow. This past week it seems as if every single troll has decided to attack. Got comments for my blog but the main culprits were the ones emailing me, pretending to be would-be clients. I don't know if it's really multiple people or one person posing as multiple people but this shit has got to stop. I seriously don't have time for games.

1. My free work I do for people is for emergency situations only and only when I am able to take the case on. If I refuse the case because it's not an emergency or because I simply am too busy to take on the case then this does not give some one the right to harass me. Constantly bombarding me with emails seemingly written from a violent mentally ill person will not make me change my mind. Threatening my life or my reputation will not make me change my mind. I do not owe you anything.

2. You are not entitled to free work. It's a gift. I do not have to help you. I don't know why certain people think that I have to do this. I do not take orders from people. You would be surprised how many times people try to boss me around.

3. My prices are not too high. Most of my prices are at the average or lower than other workers. I'm not in this to get rich. So to complain about my prices when I'm usually lower than other workers is ridiculous. You do not tell me what you will pay me! I'm so sick of people disregarding and disrespecting me by trying to boss me around and then have the nerve to tell me what they will pay me, as if I have no choice!

4. I am not required to teach you jack shit. Just because you claim you can't afford work does not mean I have to teach you to do something on your own. At no time have I ever stated that I will teach people how to do conjure work for free.

5. If you want to become a long-time reader and follower of my blog, welcome. I enjoy your company and am happy to have you. However, being a long-term reader does not give you the right to ask for things that I do not give away freely. I don't mean to be rude to such people, but if you are a long term reader of my blog I'm not going to show you any other favor that I show everyone else. I'm not going to teach you things for free. I'm not going to do non-emergency work for you for free. I'm not going to be available at your beck and call to answer any and all of your questions as you seem fit to ask. I will be polite to a point, perhaps answer a couple of questions and then if you cross the line I will simply ignore you and not reply to the email.

6. I don't do free readings, period. Never have I offered here at any time that I would give free readings to people who emailed me requesting it. If you want a reading you must pay for it. I've been accused of being rude in the past because I only reply to a book length email asking for a reading with only the phrase, "Sorry, but I don't give free readings. If you want a reading you will need to purchase one". Also, with my paying clients, just because you hired me one or multiple times, doesn't mean you get free readings either. I get a lot of this. So-and-so hired me one time and now think that they should get a free reading whenever they want. Nope! I don't even give free readings to friends. So trying to be buddy-buddy will also not get you these freebies.

7. You telling me every single sad or tragic event of you life will not get me to change my mind nor bend my rules. I don't care if your homeless, lost a leg and was a victim of rape/molestation IF what you are asking for is free non-emergency work. Sorry, but you can't sway with me tears and sob stories. Everyone has had bad experiences in life. We all have to play the hand we are dealt.

8. I will not call you for free! Repeat, I will not call you free!  One more time, I will not call you for free! Sorry, my time is valuable to me. I'm not going to waste it on someone who may or may not (usually not!) compensate me by purchasing work from me. Most people who want me to call them have ZERO intentions of actually hiring anybody. They usually can not afford anything and are just wanting someone to vent their problems to. Sorry. Talk to your mate, a friend, a family member, a dog, houseplant or the wall, for all I care, but you are not going to waste my time without compensating me. If you want to speak to me on the phone then you must pay, either $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for one hour.

So, if I turn your case down because you want free work and it's not an emergency, or because you are bossing me around and/or telling me how much you are going to pay, trying to sway me with you sob story and trying to sucker me into a free reading, you do not have the right to harass me and send me multiple emails a day. You definitely do not have the right to threaten my personal safety and reputation. I'm a big boy and can handle my own and you don't want to mess with me, trust me! Don't be stupid enough to have to find out the hard way. All these such emails need to stop and now.


  1. Doc,
    People are bold. I could never understand why people think that other folks and life itself owes them anything. No one owes anyone anything. Even if you do ask a favor, once a person has giving you their answer, you move on. The world and the people in it are a trip.:)

    1. People are bold or desperate or both. I would never act like this to someone. I think people are losing self-respect. There's just certain things you don't do.

  2. Since you are offering someone something he considers valuable (card reading, conjure work etc) he has to pay you back it's price, however you cost it. It's the rule of "gine and return"...
    Just keep on the good job on this blog! :)

  3. Really, ignorant people stop your nasty emails. There is no room for you here.
    Go and get lost for good.

  4. Just because I believe that it all comes down to the basic principal of "respect". You all have to show "respect" to Doc. No if or but or whathaveyou.
    Realize that once work is done it is really up to the powers of the Universe.

    Doc remains blameless. "Blameless".

    Realize this.

    Now it is up to the Universe and you to do your part.

    The Universe has received your Spell request and will begin to work upon it. It is rare that a Spell request will not be granted by the Universe. However, the Universe has only your very best interests at heart and will only allow what is best for you. This is despite what you think you want and need and despite my best efforts. An example of this is when someone requests a Reunite Spell and it won't manifest as the ex will return to their lover only to be physically and mentally abusive to them. The Universe does not want this to happen and will not allow it.

    What you can do

    Help the universe by implementing good deads. Be generous, be forgiving, be kind, be humble (many people do not know who to be humble).

    SO Please refrain and restrict yourself (selves) from bad conduct.