Thursday, July 24, 2014

Psychic Fair

This past weekend we had a psychic fair at the India Shrine Center in Oklahoma City. They normally host about 4 psychic fairs a year. I went this time after not going for several years. I think the last time I went previous was in the early 2000s. The picture above is of the India Shrine Center building where the psychic fairs are held. I just love the statues of the sphinxes they have outside the parking lot entrances/exits. There's a total of four sphinxes, two on each entrance/exit.

I bought a lot of items. One booth was selling oils for 5 for $10. I bought like 20 of them. I bought this crystal angel and a crystal skull. I bought a book and a smudge stick as well.

Now, when it comes to the readings then you will learn rather ironically that I don't recommend anyone get a reading at a psychic fair. I'm going to be brutally honest. The psychics at psychic fairs suck. They are horrible. I've never got a good reading at a psychic fair, never. Now, as a psychic myself my readers may questions why I get readings from other people. The reason being is that I find it hard to read for myself. It's very hard to be unbiased with regards to one's self. It's hard to separate one's self from one's self. So most psychics do get readings from other people. However, I've never had a good reader, meaning I've never got a reader that was on the level with my abilities. Never. Every reading I've received has been either mediocre or disappointing.

So I decided to try again and took my sister with me. I promised to pay for her to get a reading so she accepted. However, within not even a minute after walking into the place my sister said she was getting bad vibes from the place and said we needed to leave. She said she kept feeling "greed" in the air and feelings that these people only cared about money and were faking it. I just brushed her concerns aside. I went to this one psychic who proceeded to tell me every single stereotypical male thing she could think of. She was majorly wrong about everything. It was back-to-back misses. However, that didn't really bother me. What bothered me is when she had the nerve to offend me to my face. She was taking notes and writing down stuff like, "I'm picking up on that you like football, off-roading/mudding, mathematics, etc., (all wrong)." She would write a list on the paper which read, "football, mudding, mathematics, etc." Then she said that we were all adults here and that she was just going to be brutally honest. She wrote down the word "ass". I was like, "Well, I do need to lose some weight...", but she cut me off and said, "No. You're an ass with how you treat everyone in your life." I was livid. I know I turned bright red. I told her I wanted to end this and I asked for my money back. She gave me my money back but she was totally clueless. She kept saying that she guessed I was uncomfortable. Then she said that she was going to give my sister a free reading anyway. I turned to my sister and said, "You can stay if you want to but I'm leaving." I walked away but a moment later my sister got up and followed me. I was so upset that we left that day. I just can not believe the nerve of this lunatic! What kind of psychic thinks she can just say offensive stuff to people? I mean, seriously. I'm no more an ass than anyone else is an ass, meaning every one's an ass at times. She was wrong about every single thing she said. It was horrible. I don't even remember her name so I can't even find her online and write a bad review. My sister was trying to think of things to give it a positive spin but ultimately concluded that it was hopeless. The lady was just plain wrong on everything she said.

So Sunday we go back and have a far better experience. On both days they did multiple free lectures, some of which we wanted to attend. However, we ultimately didn't attend any of them. We finally find this one psychic that we both wanted to try out. This woman was far nicer and far more professional than the previous lady. However, there was one small problem. This lady didn't have a psychic bone in her body. She spent the entire time talking about new-age bull shit, angels, and "star seed" bull shit. My sister was only able to ask two questions. When my reading came,  I was only able to ask one question at the end and then she rushed the answer, got up and escorted us to another booth where she wanted us to buy stuff from. This time I do know her name and yes, she will be getting a bad review online from me. I'm sorry, but she's in the wrong business. This said, I will give her credit for being entertaining and not saying offensive stuff. It's just she's not a psychic and she truly doesn't give readings but instead charges people to listen to her bull shit new age beliefs.

So moral of the story is, buy products and merchandise at psychic fairs. Do not spend money on readings. The psychics at these fairs are horrible.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but my clients who get readings from me may not realize how lucky they are. This is especially true for the clients who have never had a reading before contacting me. They don't know how bad most psychics/readers are and thus they may not recognize how good I am. I don't talk on and on about bull shit stuff. I want my clients to ask me questions and I provide answers, often very detailed ones. I'm a talented psychic, meaning that I don't need any tools to read people. I do tarot but I don't need it. I can read the cards but I don't simply tell my clients what the cards mean. If you were sitting in the room with me then I would simply look you in the eyes and read for you. I tap into your energy and I don't need props. When you get a reading from me you get the real thing, a genuine reading with a psychic. There's a huge difference between a genuine reading and this stuff for entertainment.

FYI: When I get a reading I do not tell them I'm a psychic. I want to see if they can pick up on it. I've never had any of them pick up on it. They almost all rely on stereotypical "guy" stuff. Horrible. All are just so very horrible. All the nonsense about women being ultra advanced spiritually over men is a load of crap. I've never to date met a woman who matched my own abilities. I'm not saying they aren't out there, just that in all my years I've never met a woman who was my equal, psychic-wise, let alone greater than me.

Addendum: I forgot to add that according to the second psychic, I'm supposedly a "star seed" that is in the process of "DNA activation", which supposedly means I'm in the process of developing X-men like powers or something. LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Procedure On Prayer Requests

As of today I am changing the policies/procedures of prayer requests.

1. All prayer requests must have the phrase "Prayer Request" included in the subject line of the email. Any email not containing this phrase may end up getting deleted.

2. All prayer requests must contain your full name, no screen names, nicknames or fake names, and birth date. Failure to provide you full name and birth date will result in me deleting your email.

3. Your request must be serious. Any inane, silly and stupid requests will be ignored. For example, I'm not going to pray that your hair grows out faster than normal after a bad haircut.

4. I will not reply to any email asking for a prayer request. If you send me an email with "Prayer Request" in the subject line and if your request is genuine and serious then just know that I will include your name on the prayer list.

5. Duplicate requests will be deleted and ignored.

6. Prayer requests will not result in free work. If you want to be included in the monthly drawing for a free work then you must specifically request it.

God Bless,


New Change With Regard To Questions

As of today I am now longer answering any emails asking questions on how to do conjure work, how to make spiritual products, tips or anything of the like. If you want my help you will need to either hire me for conjure coaching and/or hire me as your worker. Any further emails asking me questions not related to the hiring process will be deleted. I will not reply back to any email asking me questions of such nature. The only questions I will answer are those questions pertaining to hiring me for readings or hiring me for work. That's it.

God Bless,


New Procedure For Free Work Requests

As of today I am implementing a new procedure for requests for free work. From now on anyone who emails me requesting free work and who has a valid emergency situation will be placed into a monthly drawing. Once a month I will draw a name and do one free work. I have numbered some items below that I strongly advise people who email me requesting free work to read.

1. If your request is not an emergency situation I will simply delete your email and be done with it.

2. You must put "Free Work" in the subject line of your email. Failure to do so may cause your email to be deleted.

3. You must include your full name, no screen names, no nicknames and no fake names, as well as your birth date. Failure to provide this information will result in me deleting the email.

4. Include your situation. No more of this vague bull shit that people have been sending as of late. If you do not spell out the situation your email will be deleted. If you can't discuss the problem openly and directly then you don't deserve any free help with it.

5. You only need to email me once. You will be placed into the drawing. If your name is not picked the next time I draw it will still be there for future drawings. Duplicate entries will deleted.

6. I am no longer replying to any email requesting free work. If you send me an email and if your situation is an emergency then know that you have been entered into the drawing.

7. Only one free work per person. If you have already received free work from me in the past do not ask for more free work from me in the future. Even if your case is an emergency I will simply delete your email.

God Bless,


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Orange Is The New Black

My new fave show is Orange Is The New Black. I was pressured into watching it but quickly fell in love with it. It's a great series. I ended up binge-watching it over the past few days. This is a Netflix series so they drop an entire series at one time instead of airing it an episode each week. Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek Voyager) and Laura Prepon (That 70s Show) are in it as well as a few other identifiable actors. It's a really good show. I call it the female OZ but with humor. Also, there is a character named Mendoza (Selenis Leyva) who was an assistant to a Santera. She does some brujeria on the show which is very interesting. Check it out. Season three won't be released until June/July 2015. Season 1 and 2 can be viewed on Netflix (or other sites online...just Google it.)

Oh, and my favorite character is Crazy Eyes played by Uzo Aduba. She's genius in that role.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Vanessa (fake name for anonymity). Vanessa got a reading with me a while back and then emailed me to let me know what I told her came true. This is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 2:35 PM
From: xxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: Re: Note

I had a reading with Doc Conjure in June 2014. He was very prompt with his customer service and extremely accurate with his answers to my questions. I didn't want the answers that he gave me to some of my questions but they CAME TRUE!!  I need to work on some situations plus I'm going to have Doc Conjure do some money drawing work for me. He is very good with his readings!  I am looking forward to the work he is going to do because if he was this accurate with questions from a perfect stranger, I have confidence that he will do his best with the conjure work. There are so many fakes and scammers online that it's good to know that Doc Conjure is honest and a real conjure worker!

I need a cute name Doc! Lol

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Onion To Prevent Illness

This comes from a friend of mine who casually mentioned it. As soon as I recognized it was a remedy/trick I perked up and began asking as many questions as possible. The guy did not know what hoodoo/roots/conjure is and didn't even consider it to be anything magical. In fact, he believed it was scientific, as in it was proven to work.  The guy was very sickly as an infant. He was always catching something. His mother would cut an onion in half and place it under his crib. She would replace it once a week or so. I asked him to go ask her why she did this and how it worked. He got back to me saying that she told him that the chemicals in the onion kill bacteria and viruses. Again, neither of them believed this practice had anything to do with magic and they both swore that it worked.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Won't Jump Through Hoops To Impress You

I don't do freebies and I won't jump through hoops to impress you or prove my abilities to you. Either hire me or not. I really don't care. Honestly, I would rather not take on the case of someone who demands that I jump through hoops for them because asking such is a huge indicator that such a person is a problem person and would only cause more crap and headaches further down the line. It's far easier to just ignore the request of such person or tell them to go screw them self.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Super Moon

Just a head's up that tonight's full moon is a super moon. I've found that the energy of a super moon is far more chaotic than normal. If you miss tonight's full moon then you are luck. The full moons in August and September will also be super moons.

Is Yellowstone About To Blow?

In the past couple of years all kinds of crazy stuff has been happening in Yellowstone. The ground rose several inches. There have been many earthquakes. Bison fled the park, running down highways. Yesterday, it was announced that roads near certain geysers were melting and were closed. What is going on?

I think most people know that underneath Yellowstone is a massive super volcano called a caldera. If and when it blows humanity may very well go extinct. It's believed the last time it blew that our species barely survived.

Here's a map of the potential area effected if Yellowstone blows:

It's believed that everything in as large as 100 mile radius could be instantly vaporized. Anyone at Yellowstone at the time of eruption, or those within a possible 100 mile radius will more than likely die. There is a theoretical super eruption scenario in which the eruption is so bad that everything in a 200 mile radios is instantly vaporized. The map above reflects areas of ash falls in past eruptions. This is no joking matter. When Yellowstone erupts it's going to be a game changer for the human species. No more talk about the b.s. global warming. It's going to throw the planet into a world-wide nuclear winter. Scientist believe that Yellowstone will erupt sometime between now and 100,000 years or so.

Is Yellowstone about to blow? Are these weird phenomenon signs and omens for people to get the hell out of there? Well, I don't want to cause panic but right now there is a theory spreading online that says that government is tricking the public into thinking the situation is not as bad as it actually is. These same people point to the fact that the governmental experts appear to be lying by claiming that this is a routine phenomenon or that it happens ever so often, as in there's nothing to worry about. People have scoured for any record of news reports of this sort of thing happening before and no one seems to have found any indication of any past events of this type.

If you live in the path of a possible Yellowstone eruptions you need to go ahead and start to prepare for any situation that may arise. Map your your emergency exits. Map out multiple routes of evacuation. Make sure you are well stocked on any items you may need. Even if Yellowstone doesn't blow up soon these items will still come in handy in an emergency situation.

Polar Vortex Returns This July

In my area it's going to cool us from highs in the 100s to in the low 70s. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Testimony From a Client

This is Jolene (fake name for anonymity). Jolene got a reading with me the other day and this is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 at 7:30 PM
From: xxxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: Review for my readng

I recently had a reading with Dr. Conjure, it was one of the most uplifting events in my life. He was wonderful, patient and very kind, but straight to the point, with no sugar coating anything, and I loved it! He left me feeling that not only can he see directly into my life, but that he also genuinely cared about me and my situation and that i wanted to have my family back together. He gave me more than I expected, I am forever blessed by his help and kindness . Thank you so very much Dr. Conjure.  I can't wait to begin on our spell work.

Now, within two days of my reading one of the things I told her came true and she emailed me to tell her. Then this morning she emailed me to tell me another thing I told her come true. I thought that was really interesting. I knew that I connected to her strongly during the reading. I look forward to working with her on her situation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reminder On Prices

I'm still getting people who think they can get the world handed to them on a silver platter for $300/$350. My fees are clearly listed as one work for that amount. This does not mean that you can write a list of things that you want done and that I'm going to do it for a mere $300. If you hire me for money work for $300, then I will do money work for you. I will not add in work to get you a promotion, boss fix work, or work to get a new car. If you hire me for a work and then you demand I add additional things for free then I will simply ignore your request and only perform the work you actually hired me for. I will not even reply to you explaining that you only hired me for one work. Sorry, that's how it goes. I recently had a would-be client want to hire me for multiple works, three in total, and flipped her lid when I had to inform her that the fee was not $300. I had another would be client last week want over $4,000.00 worth of work and cussed me out when I told her that the total was not $300, as she assumed. I currently have two clients that will hire me for one work and then later decide they want me to add free stuff to it. I simply ignore them and I will ignore anyone who has the nerve to do this. My fees clearly read that this is the starting fee for one work only.

If you want multiple works done at the same time then I give a discount. To get the discount you must purchase multiple works at once, not stagger them out over time. Your savings is roughly $100 for every additional work you add. So if you purchase two normal works at the same time then the total would be $500, saving you a hundred dollars. If you want to purchase 3 works at the same time then the total would be $700, saving you a total of two hundred dollars, and so on.

My prices are reasonable and are similar to, if not less, what most workers charge. So there will be no negotiating of fees. There will be no telling me of what I will accept either.

No payment arrangements are made with first time clients. Payment arrangements are only given to long-term, repeat clients. When a payment arrangement is made I will not start on the work until it is paid off. If the client decides to cancel in the middle of a payment arrangement and before it is paid off then be aware there are no refunds. I will not return the previous payments. I do not give refunds period.

Please respect my required form of payment. Do not argue with me or tell me that I'm going to accept the form of payment you prefer. Do not disregard my instructions and just decide to send the form of payment you prefer. For example, if I tell you no money orders and you decide to send one anyway, then be prepared that your disregard of my instructions may delay things quite a bit. It may be some time before I get around to get that money order cashed or deposited, meaning you won't get your reading or work until I get it cashed. (FYI: I had one woman do this to me circa Dec. 20. She was pissed that I had to tell her that I wasn't going to be able to cash it until after the holidays. So be warned.)

I'm an old school worker. I'm serious in what I do and my testimonials speak to my abilities. I do not cater to the "fast food" mentality of Internet conjure work. This isn't Burger King. You can't have it your way. There are prescribed behaviors. I can guide you to understand the process. However, if you aren't serious about it and if this is just a whim for you then don't bother wasting my time.  The relationship between a client and worker goes both ways. It's not just whether or not you want to hire me. It's also about whether or not I want to take you on as a client. Real workers turn clients down all the time.

Please read my policies and services at the below link (also to the left side of the blog) before emailing me to inquire about my services.

The Type Of Client I Can Not Help

It's amazing how many people contact me, wanting to hire me, without having any clear idea of what they want. They are wishy-washy. They want me to tell them what they want. They want me to decide for them what's best, or worse, they want to leave everything up to "God's will".

Sorry to burst your bubble but God doesn't care. You have free will. If your decision is to leave it up to God's will then go ahead and prepare for the worse because it means you are doing nothing and most likely will not have the events work in your favor. Do you really think that the Lord of the Universe cares about what you eat for lunch, what job you apply for, or who you date? Seriously. Think about it.

If you do not know what you want then you will not see success. Conjure work can't help you. If you are wishy-washy, going back and forth, unable to make up your mind, then go ahead and plan for failure. If you want to leave it up to God's will, then don't contact me. Because you would be wasting my time.

For conjure work to be successful you must know what you want. You must be willing to act in order to get what you want. You must have a strong desire to get what you want. Remember the 4 Laws of the Mage?

-To Know
-To Will
-To Dare
-To Keep Silent

So when you ask me to tell you want you want, outside of a normal consultation, as in "Should I try to fight for this man/woman?", then realize my response will be, "I don't know. Should you?" You tell me! If you ask me what profession you need to get into, my answer will be, "I don't know. Which one are drawn to?" I can not tell you what you need. I can not tell you what you want. If you try to put it all in my hands and leave it up to me then I will simply drop it. It's not my place to tell you what you need to want, what you need to do. Instead, my place is to help you achieve what you want. Tell me what you want and I can help. Tell me your goal and we can work out a course of action. Be wishy-washy and indecisive and I will turn you and your case down.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Christianity Is A Mystery Religion

Around the same time as the rise of Christianity people were growing dissatisfied with traditional religions. Various cults called the mystery religions rose up. These cults included:

-The Eleusinian mysteries (Demeter & Persephone)
-Mithraism (Mithras)
-The Isaic cult (Isis)
-The Dionysian cult (Dionysus)
-The Orphic mysteries (Orpheus)
-The Cybele cult (Cybele & Attis)

Most of these cults featured a dying-and-rising god. Most promised a better afterlife for members. All required initiation in order to belong. This differed from the pagan religions of the time. They all taught secret knowledge revealed only to the worthy.

Many educated people have recognized that Christianity fits all the prerequisites for it being just another mystery religion. The initiation is one's baptism. There is a promise of a better afterlife. And yes, there are secret teachings known only to a chosen elect. These teachings are being withheld from the public.

Matthew 13:10-11
10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?
11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

So Jesus is admitting that he is giving secret teachings to his Apostles while the masses, the public, gets only parables. A similarly worded passage is found in Mark 4:11-12.

In 1 Corinthians Paul tells the church at Corinth that he has givin them "milk" because they are "infants". This milk is the standard teachings of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. Paul says he is withholding "meat" because they aren't old enough to eat it, meaning they aren't yet worthy to receive the mysteries, the secret teachings. Paul repeats the same message in Hebrews 5:11-14.

1 Corinthians 3:2
I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.

Hebrews 5:11-14

11 Of whom we have many things to say, and hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of hearing.
12 For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.
13 For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.
14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

So we know that Christianity contains secret teachings that the masses are not being taught. We know that Paul knew the secret teachings. We know that a few church elders of the past, such as Clement of Alexandria, knew the secret teachings. Clement actually says the teachings are only for a select few who are being "perfected".

You will not hear this stuff being preached in today's churches. The majority of Christians are not worthy of this teaching, according to Jesus. Most people don't want to hear that they are mere children and can't handle the truth.

So what is the truth? What are the secret teachings?

To uncover the secret teachings we have to look to Gnostic Christianity.

The secret teachings of Christ most likely deal with reincarnation and the soul's journey in the afterlife, as well as it's goal of merging with the god head.

The Gnostic Christians believed that humans have a small piece of God, a spark of light, within them. The spark needs to rejoin with God. However, humans are fallen into matter and must be redeemed through various incarnations. Those that make it will unite with God and gain immortality. Those that don't will wither away, through various incarnations, until the spark goes out and they disappear into oblivion. Think of it like sperm. During sex, millions of sperm are released into the woman. Only one can fertilize the egg. The rest die. Likewise, only a few will ever unite with God. The rest will wither away through various incarnations until their spark goes out, their soul is extinguished at which point they no longer exist. So there is no real hell, no eternal torment. There is only immortality for those who make it and oblivion for those who do not.

So the question is, if  Christianity meets all the definitions of being a mystery religion, then why don't modern New Testament scholars classify it as such? The reason being is that most of them are believers, Christians. They know that to admit that Christianity is a mystery religion would open up a can of worms they don't want to deal with. The biggest problem is that the mystery religions aren't based around a person who actually existed. Demeter didn't exist. Orpheus didn't exist. Cybele didn't exist. Instead, it's all about allegory and symbolism. This may be shocking to some, but the earliest Christians did not believe that Jesus ever existed in the flesh. They believed he was a heavenly messiah who would soon come to earth but had not come to earth yet. These earliest Christians were destroyed when the literalists rose to power and deemed them to be heretics and killed them.

I want to end with Dionysus. Research the myth of Dionysus. In his myths he traveled the world teaching people how to cultivate grapes and make wine. He was even said to have traveled as far away as India. His myths treat him as if he was a real man who walked the earth, turning water into wine and performing other miracles. However, we know he never existed. Ponder that.

What do you think the secret teachings of Christ were?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Janessa (fake name for anonymity). Janessa hired me to do some exposing work, meaning to have another woman be exposed for doing work on a man. This is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2014 at 9:32 AM
From: xxxx
Subject: No Subject

Hey Doc
Wonderful news. I got more details on that situation with the exposing spell. He found something tied together in their home. I was blown away when I heard about it! I felt like it was there the whole time and he didn't find it until you cast the spell. This is just amazing! Doc YOU ARE THE MAN!!!