Saturday, July 12, 2014

Is Yellowstone About To Blow?

In the past couple of years all kinds of crazy stuff has been happening in Yellowstone. The ground rose several inches. There have been many earthquakes. Bison fled the park, running down highways. Yesterday, it was announced that roads near certain geysers were melting and were closed. What is going on?

I think most people know that underneath Yellowstone is a massive super volcano called a caldera. If and when it blows humanity may very well go extinct. It's believed the last time it blew that our species barely survived.

Here's a map of the potential area effected if Yellowstone blows:

It's believed that everything in as large as 100 mile radius could be instantly vaporized. Anyone at Yellowstone at the time of eruption, or those within a possible 100 mile radius will more than likely die. There is a theoretical super eruption scenario in which the eruption is so bad that everything in a 200 mile radios is instantly vaporized. The map above reflects areas of ash falls in past eruptions. This is no joking matter. When Yellowstone erupts it's going to be a game changer for the human species. No more talk about the b.s. global warming. It's going to throw the planet into a world-wide nuclear winter. Scientist believe that Yellowstone will erupt sometime between now and 100,000 years or so.

Is Yellowstone about to blow? Are these weird phenomenon signs and omens for people to get the hell out of there? Well, I don't want to cause panic but right now there is a theory spreading online that says that government is tricking the public into thinking the situation is not as bad as it actually is. These same people point to the fact that the governmental experts appear to be lying by claiming that this is a routine phenomenon or that it happens ever so often, as in there's nothing to worry about. People have scoured for any record of news reports of this sort of thing happening before and no one seems to have found any indication of any past events of this type.

If you live in the path of a possible Yellowstone eruptions you need to go ahead and start to prepare for any situation that may arise. Map your your emergency exits. Map out multiple routes of evacuation. Make sure you are well stocked on any items you may need. Even if Yellowstone doesn't blow up soon these items will still come in handy in an emergency situation.

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