Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Procedure For Free Work Requests

As of today I am implementing a new procedure for requests for free work. From now on anyone who emails me requesting free work and who has a valid emergency situation will be placed into a monthly drawing. Once a month I will draw a name and do one free work. I have numbered some items below that I strongly advise people who email me requesting free work to read.

1. If your request is not an emergency situation I will simply delete your email and be done with it.

2. You must put "Free Work" in the subject line of your email. Failure to do so may cause your email to be deleted.

3. You must include your full name, no screen names, no nicknames and no fake names, as well as your birth date. Failure to provide this information will result in me deleting the email.

4. Include your situation. No more of this vague bull shit that people have been sending as of late. If you do not spell out the situation your email will be deleted. If you can't discuss the problem openly and directly then you don't deserve any free help with it.

5. You only need to email me once. You will be placed into the drawing. If your name is not picked the next time I draw it will still be there for future drawings. Duplicate entries will deleted.

6. I am no longer replying to any email requesting free work. If you send me an email and if your situation is an emergency then know that you have been entered into the drawing.

7. Only one free work per person. If you have already received free work from me in the past do not ask for more free work from me in the future. Even if your case is an emergency I will simply delete your email.

God Bless,


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