Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Procedure On Prayer Requests

As of today I am changing the policies/procedures of prayer requests.

1. All prayer requests must have the phrase "Prayer Request" included in the subject line of the email. Any email not containing this phrase may end up getting deleted.

2. All prayer requests must contain your full name, no screen names, nicknames or fake names, and birth date. Failure to provide you full name and birth date will result in me deleting your email.

3. Your request must be serious. Any inane, silly and stupid requests will be ignored. For example, I'm not going to pray that your hair grows out faster than normal after a bad haircut.

4. I will not reply to any email asking for a prayer request. If you send me an email with "Prayer Request" in the subject line and if your request is genuine and serious then just know that I will include your name on the prayer list.

5. Duplicate requests will be deleted and ignored.

6. Prayer requests will not result in free work. If you want to be included in the monthly drawing for a free work then you must specifically request it.

God Bless,


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