Thursday, July 17, 2014

Onion To Prevent Illness

This comes from a friend of mine who casually mentioned it. As soon as I recognized it was a remedy/trick I perked up and began asking as many questions as possible. The guy did not know what hoodoo/roots/conjure is and didn't even consider it to be anything magical. In fact, he believed it was scientific, as in it was proven to work.  The guy was very sickly as an infant. He was always catching something. His mother would cut an onion in half and place it under his crib. She would replace it once a week or so. I asked him to go ask her why she did this and how it worked. He got back to me saying that she told him that the chemicals in the onion kill bacteria and viruses. Again, neither of them believed this practice had anything to do with magic and they both swore that it worked.

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  1. I friend of mine also uses onion to prevent illness. She swears by it and also believes it is scientific. I tried it myself during a cold and I have to say that it helped keep it under control.