Thursday, July 24, 2014

Psychic Fair

This past weekend we had a psychic fair at the India Shrine Center in Oklahoma City. They normally host about 4 psychic fairs a year. I went this time after not going for several years. I think the last time I went previous was in the early 2000s. The picture above is of the India Shrine Center building where the psychic fairs are held. I just love the statues of the sphinxes they have outside the parking lot entrances/exits. There's a total of four sphinxes, two on each entrance/exit.

I bought a lot of items. One booth was selling oils for 5 for $10. I bought like 20 of them. I bought this crystal angel and a crystal skull. I bought a book and a smudge stick as well.

Now, when it comes to the readings then you will learn rather ironically that I don't recommend anyone get a reading at a psychic fair. I'm going to be brutally honest. The psychics at psychic fairs suck. They are horrible. I've never got a good reading at a psychic fair, never. Now, as a psychic myself my readers may questions why I get readings from other people. The reason being is that I find it hard to read for myself. It's very hard to be unbiased with regards to one's self. It's hard to separate one's self from one's self. So most psychics do get readings from other people. However, I've never had a good reader, meaning I've never got a reader that was on the level with my abilities. Never. Every reading I've received has been either mediocre or disappointing.

So I decided to try again and took my sister with me. I promised to pay for her to get a reading so she accepted. However, within not even a minute after walking into the place my sister said she was getting bad vibes from the place and said we needed to leave. She said she kept feeling "greed" in the air and feelings that these people only cared about money and were faking it. I just brushed her concerns aside. I went to this one psychic who proceeded to tell me every single stereotypical male thing she could think of. She was majorly wrong about everything. It was back-to-back misses. However, that didn't really bother me. What bothered me is when she had the nerve to offend me to my face. She was taking notes and writing down stuff like, "I'm picking up on that you like football, off-roading/mudding, mathematics, etc., (all wrong)." She would write a list on the paper which read, "football, mudding, mathematics, etc." Then she said that we were all adults here and that she was just going to be brutally honest. She wrote down the word "ass". I was like, "Well, I do need to lose some weight...", but she cut me off and said, "No. You're an ass with how you treat everyone in your life." I was livid. I know I turned bright red. I told her I wanted to end this and I asked for my money back. She gave me my money back but she was totally clueless. She kept saying that she guessed I was uncomfortable. Then she said that she was going to give my sister a free reading anyway. I turned to my sister and said, "You can stay if you want to but I'm leaving." I walked away but a moment later my sister got up and followed me. I was so upset that we left that day. I just can not believe the nerve of this lunatic! What kind of psychic thinks she can just say offensive stuff to people? I mean, seriously. I'm no more an ass than anyone else is an ass, meaning every one's an ass at times. She was wrong about every single thing she said. It was horrible. I don't even remember her name so I can't even find her online and write a bad review. My sister was trying to think of things to give it a positive spin but ultimately concluded that it was hopeless. The lady was just plain wrong on everything she said.

So Sunday we go back and have a far better experience. On both days they did multiple free lectures, some of which we wanted to attend. However, we ultimately didn't attend any of them. We finally find this one psychic that we both wanted to try out. This woman was far nicer and far more professional than the previous lady. However, there was one small problem. This lady didn't have a psychic bone in her body. She spent the entire time talking about new-age bull shit, angels, and "star seed" bull shit. My sister was only able to ask two questions. When my reading came,  I was only able to ask one question at the end and then she rushed the answer, got up and escorted us to another booth where she wanted us to buy stuff from. This time I do know her name and yes, she will be getting a bad review online from me. I'm sorry, but she's in the wrong business. This said, I will give her credit for being entertaining and not saying offensive stuff. It's just she's not a psychic and she truly doesn't give readings but instead charges people to listen to her bull shit new age beliefs.

So moral of the story is, buy products and merchandise at psychic fairs. Do not spend money on readings. The psychics at these fairs are horrible.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but my clients who get readings from me may not realize how lucky they are. This is especially true for the clients who have never had a reading before contacting me. They don't know how bad most psychics/readers are and thus they may not recognize how good I am. I don't talk on and on about bull shit stuff. I want my clients to ask me questions and I provide answers, often very detailed ones. I'm a talented psychic, meaning that I don't need any tools to read people. I do tarot but I don't need it. I can read the cards but I don't simply tell my clients what the cards mean. If you were sitting in the room with me then I would simply look you in the eyes and read for you. I tap into your energy and I don't need props. When you get a reading from me you get the real thing, a genuine reading with a psychic. There's a huge difference between a genuine reading and this stuff for entertainment.

FYI: When I get a reading I do not tell them I'm a psychic. I want to see if they can pick up on it. I've never had any of them pick up on it. They almost all rely on stereotypical "guy" stuff. Horrible. All are just so very horrible. All the nonsense about women being ultra advanced spiritually over men is a load of crap. I've never to date met a woman who matched my own abilities. I'm not saying they aren't out there, just that in all my years I've never met a woman who was my equal, psychic-wise, let alone greater than me.

Addendum: I forgot to add that according to the second psychic, I'm supposedly a "star seed" that is in the process of "DNA activation", which supposedly means I'm in the process of developing X-men like powers or something. LOL


  1. I'm very entertained by your post. I've had a great reading with you last winter and you were on the money. Also I've done conjure work with you which got me very strong results. I've gotten plenty of readings and you're right its not many genuine psychics out there. However since you stated its hard to do your own reading.. do you mind if I recommend you to try sister Angel rose? She's great but yet expensive. Give her a try. I'm more than positive you'll be posting a great review :)

    1. Yes, I am familiar with her. However, I think I'm going to go to a male reader next. All the readers I've gone to have been women and they weren't good. So I'll give a male reader a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Well I only know one psychic (well she says she psychic), and all she does is go on and on about The Kingdom and how in the Kingdom she held in as high regard as Jesus. Now when I was psychic (psych meds have shut that down, sadly) I knew better than to boast. I have a speck in my eye, just appeared out of nowhere. One day when I was channeling, I was directed to sit on the kitchen floor. Something opened up that eye real wide and I felt a pull. I blinked and then the speck was gone. It was a true miracle!

    However I bragged about myself and the miracles that were happening to me, and so the speck suddenly reappeared. Doesn't drive me crazy anymore, but it's a sign that I must stay humble.

    Anyhoo, this woman psychic that I know always winds up in fights with everyone she knows. You think she'd know in advance by reading a person whether or not she's going to get along with them. But no, it's always the same story with her, just a golden shower of how brilliant she is when she meets you, and deep talk about new age clap-trap, and before you know it, if you're smart, you know she's talking out of her ass.

    I do not doubt that she has psychic abilities, because she can sense spirits just like me, however.. she brags constantly.

    I think these fake psychics are just like her, they just have more ambition to actually make a career out of what they're doing.

    I'm sorry you had such a bad reading, and such a silly one following that.

    I wish we had psychic fairs around here, but they're always in Northern California.