Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reminder On Prices

I'm still getting people who think they can get the world handed to them on a silver platter for $300/$350. My fees are clearly listed as one work for that amount. This does not mean that you can write a list of things that you want done and that I'm going to do it for a mere $300. If you hire me for money work for $300, then I will do money work for you. I will not add in work to get you a promotion, boss fix work, or work to get a new car. If you hire me for a work and then you demand I add additional things for free then I will simply ignore your request and only perform the work you actually hired me for. I will not even reply to you explaining that you only hired me for one work. Sorry, that's how it goes. I recently had a would-be client want to hire me for multiple works, three in total, and flipped her lid when I had to inform her that the fee was not $300. I had another would be client last week want over $4,000.00 worth of work and cussed me out when I told her that the total was not $300, as she assumed. I currently have two clients that will hire me for one work and then later decide they want me to add free stuff to it. I simply ignore them and I will ignore anyone who has the nerve to do this. My fees clearly read that this is the starting fee for one work only.

If you want multiple works done at the same time then I give a discount. To get the discount you must purchase multiple works at once, not stagger them out over time. Your savings is roughly $100 for every additional work you add. So if you purchase two normal works at the same time then the total would be $500, saving you a hundred dollars. If you want to purchase 3 works at the same time then the total would be $700, saving you a total of two hundred dollars, and so on.

My prices are reasonable and are similar to, if not less, what most workers charge. So there will be no negotiating of fees. There will be no telling me of what I will accept either.

No payment arrangements are made with first time clients. Payment arrangements are only given to long-term, repeat clients. When a payment arrangement is made I will not start on the work until it is paid off. If the client decides to cancel in the middle of a payment arrangement and before it is paid off then be aware there are no refunds. I will not return the previous payments. I do not give refunds period.

Please respect my required form of payment. Do not argue with me or tell me that I'm going to accept the form of payment you prefer. Do not disregard my instructions and just decide to send the form of payment you prefer. For example, if I tell you no money orders and you decide to send one anyway, then be prepared that your disregard of my instructions may delay things quite a bit. It may be some time before I get around to get that money order cashed or deposited, meaning you won't get your reading or work until I get it cashed. (FYI: I had one woman do this to me circa Dec. 20. She was pissed that I had to tell her that I wasn't going to be able to cash it until after the holidays. So be warned.)

I'm an old school worker. I'm serious in what I do and my testimonials speak to my abilities. I do not cater to the "fast food" mentality of Internet conjure work. This isn't Burger King. You can't have it your way. There are prescribed behaviors. I can guide you to understand the process. However, if you aren't serious about it and if this is just a whim for you then don't bother wasting my time.  The relationship between a client and worker goes both ways. It's not just whether or not you want to hire me. It's also about whether or not I want to take you on as a client. Real workers turn clients down all the time.

Please read my policies and services at the below link (also to the left side of the blog) before emailing me to inquire about my services.


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