Friday, August 29, 2014

"Crossroads Rite" In New Movie And OKC Is Apparently The New Satanic Capital Of The U.S.

I saw At The Devil's Door last night and it was good. The story features a girl (Ashley Rickards of MTV's Awkward) who gets mixed up with a Satanist boy who then takes her to meet a scarier, older Satanist guy. She then makes a pack with Satan. The Satanist tells her to go to the crossroads and call out her name so that he (Satan) will know her name when he comes for her. This pact lets loose a chain reaction of evil. I thought the movie was really interesting. The movie is suspenseful and definitely keeps your interest. The ending is not so good and is far over-played.

Also, it seems we are getting another Satanic Black Mass here in Oklahoma City. We had our first one about 4 years ago. We've had a few others that didn't get much attention. Another one planned for September 21, 2014, is drawing International news because the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City sued the Satanic group over the theft of a consecrated host. The group wanted to use the host in the black mass but eventually returned it. The lawsuit was then dropped. The black mass will be open to the public but is not free. I actually would like to go just to see what it is they actually do. I wouldn't take part in any fashion though.

We still are supposed to be getting a Satanic monument put in downtown sometime in the future.


  1. Hi Doc, I hope you go so you can tell us all about it.

  2. Well I will have to check that film out. Is in theaters or is it on IFC?