Monday, August 4, 2014

Deadline To Voice Your Opinions To The FDA Over E-Cigs

The deadline to voice your opinions on e-cigs is fast approaching. That deadline is August 8, 2014. As my readers may be aware, if the FDA's proposed regulation goes into effect it will in fact kill people. The FDA's plans play into the hands of the Tobacco industry, giving Big Tobacco companies complete control over e-cigs. If the FDA's regulations are implemented then the only form of e-cigs that will be allowed will be the "cig-a-likes", the ones that look like cigarettes. Many to most vapers are not satisfied with these products. If the regulations are implemented then it will drive vapers back to smoking and it will kill them.

You can submit your comment to the FDA for review. In your comment make sure to address the following:

-Your personal story of using e-cigs.
-How long/How much did you smoke?
-Have you quit or significantly reduced your smoking due to e-cigs?
-Have you used FDA approved smoking cessation products? What was your experience?
-What benefits have you noticed from vaping?
-Has your health improved by switching to e-cigs?
-Have flavors helped you quit smoking?
-What would you do if the proposed regulations were implemented?
-Write a concluding paragraph and mention you are a memeber of CASAA. (If you aren't a member of CASAA then please join!)
-Email your comment number to CASSAA at:!submitComment;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870

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