Thursday, August 21, 2014

Natural Candle Snuffer

So I was at a new occult shop I discovered the other day and ended up buying quite a few things. I noticed that in the front case they had a bunch of Bur oak acorn cups. If you don't know, Bur oaks are perhaps the most gorgeous oak trees, in my opinion, and have the largest leaves and acorns of all the oaks. We had a Bur oak near the house I lived in as a teenager that was so big it would take 4 or 5 people to encircle the trunk. The limbs were all gnarly and twisted. It was gorgeous. Bur oak is perhaps my favorite tree, followed by large Mimosas and large Crape Myrtles.

So I asked the guy why he had these Bur oak cups and he chuckled and said he would throw one in with my purchase. He said it can be used as a natural candle snuffer. I thought that was a really creative use for one. Many Bur oak cups have a little twig or stem attached to it that can be used as a handle. Then only thing I would caution is that to make sure you have the flame centered because the cup may catch fire if you catch it on the edge of the cup. Other than that I don't see any problem using it. You might even want to attack a longer stick to it if you would like a longer handle.

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