Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Rising Trend In So-Called "Marine Spirits/Demons"

I'm very perplexed by this rising trend of the belief in marine spirits/demons by various Pentecostals and other denominations. I first came across this last year and I'm seeing more and more of it. It seems to have started in Africa and is now spreading across the world. For those who are not familiar with this belief system, believers claim that Satan's kingdom lies at the bottom of either the Pacific or Atlantic ocean (all this time I thought he was the prince of the powers of air). Believers claim that demons have built this vast, beautiful kingdom beneath the waves, probably similar to the one the Little Mermaid came from, and are using it as a base for world domination. Believers claim that these marine demons make pacts with witches and wizards to give them powers to be able to transform into a mermaid (I kid you not!), and similar to the medieval notion of the Devil giving men the power to transform into werewolves. These mermaid/merman witches are then able to travel to Neptune's, I mean, Satan's palace at the bottom of the sea and can breathe underwater. In fact, the geo-political system of this demonic underwater realm is so complex that there are even "marine queens", powerful witches who have been given dominion over territories of the ocean. Of course these sea demons are believed to possess people. So that's the story, their belief system. It's spreading and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down at this point. These people truly believe this is real and is happening. It's the modern underwater version of the witches' sabbat.

What really troubles me is that these types of Christians are right now teaching that Yemoja/Yemaya, Olokun, Mami Wata, La Sirene, Oshun/Ochun, River Mama, and similar water spirits of the African diaspora are in fact powerful marine demons and their worshipers are labeled as satanic witches possessed by marine demons. This could really develop into a dangerous situation in the future. It might explode into a new round of "Satanic Panic".

Here are a few videos so you know I'm not making this stuff up:

Now, there is some truth to what these Christians are preaching but it's a truth that eludes these Christians. The truth is that water spirits have a dark side. They have this dark side because it's the nature of water. Water can refresh and sustain and it can also take life via drowning. Over on my blog, The Demonical, I've documented several demons that were said to take the form of part-women, part-fish. Many of these female demons were baby-killers and were believed responsible for miscarriage, what we now call crib death or SIDS, infertility, and female problems. At least one of these mermaid demons is alleged to be the cause of migraines. So what we have her is not something new per say, but just a new take on this old belief system.





So how does this fit with hoodo/conjure work? Well, I can't speak to people transforming into mermaids or of a Satanic palace at the bottom of the ocean. What I do know is that witches, not Wiccans, can send various elemental spirits out to spiritually attack their "enemies" (innocent victims). When a water elemental is summoned by witches it tends to inflict these same types of problems on it's victims. A person under attack by a water elemental could begin to experience edema (swelling), water retention, lung problems such as pneumonia, emphysema and asthma, or simply inability to adequately breathe, emotional disturbances, insomnia and night terrors, problems urinating, problems with kidneys, and miscarriages, infertility and female reproductive problems. Theses symptoms would occur in conjunction with other signs that a water elemental spirit was at work. For example, if the air in the home is just outrageously humid when outside it's not humid, condensation dripping off the walls, ghostly wet foot prints, etc.

So I  thought I would blog on this to bring it to people's attention. On one hand it worries me because I fear that a new round of Satanic Panic can pop up. However, on the other hand I find it fascinating because this belief in marine demons is not new and is just as old, if not older, than Christianity itself.

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  1. I find the fevered imaginings of fundamentalist Christians scarier than any entity or elemental :-(