Friday, August 8, 2014

Today Is The Last Day To Leave Your Comment For The FDA Over E-Cig Regulations

Today, August 8, 2014, is the deadline to leave your comment for the FDA regarding its proposed regulations of e-cigarettes. Not all of the proposed regulations are bad. Warning labels, child proof caps, list of ingredients, making the sell of e-cigs to minors illegal, are all good regulations. However, the FDA also wants to make manufacturers of any model produced after 2007 file an application on every single model of e-cig and flavor of e-liquid they sell. The application costs thousands of dollars each. Then the FDA will decide if they want the model or flavor of e-liquid on the market. My local vape store has claimed it would cost them over three million dollars to comply with this regulation. The sad truth is that manufacturers will not be able to pay this absurdly high application fees. The result of this regulation being implemented will be that all current models of e-cigs will disappear except the craptacular "cig-a-likes", the type of e-cigs that look like real cigarettes. These are not satisfying to most people. Additionally, vapers will be forced to buy pre-filled cartridges, something which is quite expensive to do. The result of these regulations will be the handing over of the industry to Big Tobacco. The FDA is playing directly into the hands of Big Tobacco. The mom and pop vape shops will not be able to afford the applications and will go out of business. Current vapers will return to smoking and this will lead to more instances of smoking-related diseases and death.

You do not have to be a vaper to leave a comment. Please do not think that if you don't vape then it's none of your business. You know smokers in your life. You know vapers in your life. People in your life will suffer and potentially die if the FDA is allowed to implement these regulations. Make your voice heard now!

Leave your comment at the below link:!submitComment;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870

Here are some talking points:

-Your personal story of using e-cigs.
-How long/How much did you smoke?
-Have you quit or significantly reduced your smoking due to e-cigs?
-Have you used FDA approved smoking cessation products? What was your experience?
-What benefits have you noticed from vaping?
-Has your health improved by switching to e-cigs?
-Have flavors helped you quit smoking?
-What would you do if the proposed regulations were implemented?
-Write a concluding paragraph and mention you are a memeber of CASAA. (If you aren't a member of CASAA then please join!)
-Email your comment number to CASSAA at:

Please join CASAA. It's quite simple. CASAA fights for our rights regarding smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. Simply click on "Get Involved" and then on "Become A Member". It's really simple. Remember to email CASAA with your tracking number after you have left your comment for the FDA. CASAA is keeping an archive of comments submitted to the FDA regarding this issue.


  1. I filed a comment, even though I'm a non-smoker. I have a couple of friends who switched over to vaping and they're much more pleasant to be around now.