Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Warning Concerning "Free To A Good Home" Animal Listings On Craigslist

I recently had to find a new home for a beloved dog who became violent toward my other dogs. After she viciously attacked one dog three times and another dog twice I realized that as a dog owner and animal lover I simply can not risk the safety and well being of my pets and risk keeping and having my other dogs hurt severely or killed. The strange thing is that she has never been aggressive or violent with humans. It's only other dogs that tick her off. Like many people I turned to Craigslist to hopefully find her a good home. I posted a "Free To A Good Home" listing. I was not prepared for what I recieved. Within and hour of the listing I received two emails from people warning me to ask for a "rehoming fee". The reason being is that dog fighters will scour Craigslist looking for free animals for dog fights. The animals usually end up severely maimed or are killed. On top of that there are perverts and sickos who scour Craigslist looking for animals to abuse, torture and kill. There have been several reported cases of people getting free animals (dogs and cats) off of Craigslist and then using them for target practice. There is also rumors that these animals may be used in medical testing but so far there is no real proof of such. Asking for a "rehoming fee" discourages this behavior as the disgusting perverts, sickos and abusers usually can't afford to buy animals and or don't want to bother with the hassle.

A rehoming fee can be whatever amount one wishes to ask for. If you have paid to have the animal be spayed or neutered, have shots, etc, then I would ask for a bit more money. I have since seen rehoming fees ranging from $30-$300, often time depending on the breed of the animal. Additionally, I would request to meet the people in person and even ask to see their home. Often time the shady characters will refuse to allow visits to the home and this is not a good sign. Also, if a person asks to have the rehoming fee waived it's also not a good sign either. Only the person giving away the animal should decide on their own whether or not they want to waive the fee. One more thing, I've been told that dog fighters will go as far as have their girlfriends or wives do the transaction under the belief that women seem more trusting. So if you are giving away an animal on Craigslist please ask for a rehoming fee and ask to meet the people and visit the home. You don't actually have to visit their home if you don't want to. What you are really looking to see is if they don't want you to see their home as that is usually a bad sign.

If you absolutely trust the person and know your pet will have a good life with them then you can waive the rehoming fee. However, if they ask for it to be waived then consider it to be a warning sign.





FYI: I was able to find my dog a home. I kissed her goodbye and told her I would miss her. She was put in the back of the car for transportation and she literally watched me from the back window as the car drove off. I was so sad. :(


  1. Why didn't you try to keep the dogs separated? Was your aggressive dog spayed? What breed and what age? Did you try to do some training to better manage her?

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