Monday, September 1, 2014

Dr. Pryor's Japo 7-11 Brand Sacred Oil

These are three bottles of Dr Pryor's Japo 7-11 Brand Sacred Oil. I purchases these to add to my collection of hoodoo paraphernalia. The Dr. Pryor's brand line of oils is owned by Indio/Wisdom. However, the line is discontinued. I contacted Indio/Wisdom to see if they had any plans of resurrecting this line of oils and they made it clear they will never bring them back. I believe it's because of two reasons. 1. The term "Japo" is considered racist in modern times. 2. The Dr. Pryor's brand oils are alcohol based. You can tell by the smell of the oils, their cooling effect they have on the body, and how easily they evaporate. Using an alcohol-based spiritual oil can be problematic and even outright dangerous. If you are just dressing offertory or stick candles then you won't have problem if you let them dry before lighting them. However, if you are using this product in 7 day glass candles the it can prove to be a fire hazard. So I personally believe these are the two main reasons why Indio/Wisdom have retired this line of spiritual products.

True story: Back in 1999 I visited a local occult shop and saw two bottles of Dr. Pyror's oils for sale that were hidden in with the rest of the oils. I bought them both. One was Uncrossing and the other one was John the Conqueror (I think but am not certain). I used them both. I really liked them and went back to the store as I read a sign saying they could order any product a customers had in mind. So I knew they were out of them as I had purchased them. However, I just figured they could order me some more. Boy was I wrong. That's when the owner told me that that line of products is no loner made and that the bottles I had purchases were very, very old bottles she had found stashed in the back. I had foolishly used the and threw away the bottles when in fact I should have have never used them, let alone thrown them away, and should have saved them. So I was really happy to find a botanica online that just happened to have three bottles of the 7-11 oil for sale. I bought all three. You may not be able to tell but the bottle on the far right is actually an archaic bottle that is no longer used by Indio/Wisdom. It is slender on top and widens at the bottom. It also has a rectangle base set in glass that new bottles don't have. I like it. These three bottles will not be used and will be included in my collection.

For those wondering about the back of the bottle, here are the instructions printed on the back label of all of the Dr. Pryor's oils:


Anoint thy hands with the oil daily and make a sign of the cross. Concentrate on your desires. Sprinkle a few drops around the room or place of business. Read the 23 Psalm daily. 


Dr. Pryor's brand of oils are unique for they contain this back label. If you happen to come across any Dr. Pyor's oils I strongly urge you to snatch them up as they are indeed collector's pieces. If you don't want them, hit me up. I'll buy them!

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