Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dollar Tree Find......Coffin!

I bought the above at the Dollar Tree for $1. It's a cardboard coffin and it's just the right size for a doll baby. Spray paint it black and write "R.I.P." or the name of your enemy in white on the lid and it becomes a wonderful tool to use in your work when you need to put someone in the ground. 


  1. We don't have many Dollar Trees out here in California, but there is one in the town up from mine. I'll check to see if they have these. Better than buying a Haitian Dressed Coffin from Wisdom.

    1. Good luck. I went back earlier to see if they had any more and they were gone. Tried a second store and they were gone as well. There was about 10 when I went the first time. I should have bought them all.