Friday, October 3, 2014

No Longer Offering Free Complete Works

Due to widespread abuse of this offer and numerous people filling my inbox up with frivolous, non-emergency requests for free work, I have decided to no longer offer this.

For a long time I was doing 3, maybe 4, free complete works for every one paid work. That took it's toll on me and I had to stop it.  I then implemented a monthly drawing system. In response to my offer of the monthly drawing I received an avalanche of trivial, non-emergency requests from people who clearly couldn't be bothered to read the guidelines I posted to the right of my blog prior to emailing me.

From this day on I am only setting free lights for true emergency situations. I am no longer offering a free complete work, the same type of works I would do for paid clients. If I receive any requests for trivial, if not stupid requests, I will simply delete them. Please note that just because you claim you can't afford work does not make it an emergency situation. It's the situation that counts as an emergency. Love work is never an emergency work. Cleansing work is rarely an emergency work. Any emails listing every single problem in a person's life, especially their whole life story and every bad thing that has ever happened to them from a wee child til now, will be deleted and will not be read or replied to. Only one emergency work per person. I will not accept further additional requests from the same person.

God Bless,


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