Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Clarissa, fake name for anonymity. Clarissa got a reading with me the other day and this is what she has to say about it.

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My reading with Doc was a-mazing!! I asked him would I be accepted into Washington State University and he stated I would need to prioritize my time and there may be some issues with courses. That is absolutely correct! I get up at 4:20am, leave home at 5:20am, and get home at 8:00pm. That is my schedule Mon-Fri!!!! If I do not get my time frames together, I will not make it in college, let alone study time!! He also was spot on about a woman in my life and EVERYTHING he stated about her was true BUT she is a great person but she has issues beyond my control and patience, and he stated I may not be able to deal with it. So funny because on my venting days, I say the SAME thing!!! I just can’t deal with crap!! Sometimes I feel like I am giving up but she is the sweetest person, she’s been cheated. Any who, the reading confirmed things that I knew prior so I know he was telling the truth!!!  I am super satisfied. His e-mail readings are detailed and full of thought.

Thank you Doc….

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