Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Disappearing "Voodoo Spell Bottles"

One man who collected "voodoo spell bottles" found in the local river, laments that the practice is dying out.

Of course what we have here is hoodoo, not Voodoo. However, due to the ignorance of the journalists and to the con artistry of allege New Orleans Voodoo practitioners by claiming something that doesn't belong to them and using it to prop up their lies, this is what results.

I would venture to speculate that the reason why the practice of disposing of these bottles in the river has ended is because; it may have been older people who performed these rites and they have have died, the people performing the rites may have moved away, or the incursion of the fake New Orleans Voodoo caused the practice to go extinct. It might be a mixture of all three.

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  1. Bad idea to open such things, I once picked up something at a crossroads before I knew such things were to be left alone. I added onto it, and someone died. Bad idea to pick up other's spells.