Friday, November 21, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Leah, fake name for anonymity. Leah received an email reading from me some weeks back and this is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2014 at 1:08 PM
From: xxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: Re: Update

Recently within the last month I received an email reading from Doc and here is exactly what I asked and his response:

11.I am applying for HopePlace shelter, how long before I get a spot?

I sense communication and movement within 1-2 month time period.

Fast forward; today is 11/4/14, I called HopePlace as my daily routine to see if there was an opening. BTW, my hope was growing extremely weary and I was so tired of calling these ppl, I even missed a few days and you have to call daily. So, I decided to give it another whirl this morning not expecting anything but the usual message to "keep trying things change daily, blah, blah , blah". Well TODAY I got in!!!!! Yay! I was totally taken aback and surprised. #missonaccomplished#waitexpectantly

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