Monday, February 16, 2015

My Pet Peeves And Behavior I Won't Tolerate

I thought I would go over some of my pet peeves with regards to clients and how they behave. I pride myself on my professionalism and quite frankly I have to put up with a lot of b.s. from would-be clients. So here's a list of things that really get under my skin.

My Pet Peeves

1. Liars - I don't understand why the truth and people are often strangers. I've had would be clients lie to me about even the smallest of details. I even had one client who hired me for two works only to later reveal to me she gave me a fake name and a fake picture because she had warrants and was paranoid that I would for some reason turn her in. If you can't be honest with me then I don't want your business. There's nothing you can say to me that can shock me. I've heard it all. My clients come from all walks of life. My clients range from prostitutes and porn stars to well-off professionals. I even had a couple B-list celebrities as well. There simply is no reason to lie to me.

2. People Who Leave Me Hanging - This is one thing that pisses me off. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. If you can't do it then you need to email me to tell me that you can't do it or that you will be delayed or that something has come up. I'm sick to death of people leaving me hanging on for days or weeks. I won't put up with it. If you don't have the common decency to email me to let me know there is a problem and you can't do what you said you were going to do, then I don't want you as a client. This would make you a problem client. Trust me, I have no problems turning a person down for being inconsiderate.

3. People Who Are No Shows For Readings/Appointments - You or a loved one better be on a slab in the morgue or else popping out a new life into this world as that's the only excuses I take. If you can't email me to let me know you can't make an appointment for a reading or that you need to reschedule then know that you are on my bad side. If you do it twice the reading is cancelled and I will keep the money and you will get no reading from me.

4. People Who Haggle Or Complain About Prices - My prices are not high and are either at or below what other workers charge. If you want to haggle or argue with me I will simply turn you down because I don't need your business.

5. People Who Take Forever To Reply To Emails - I understand people are busy. I get that. However, if a client consistently takes days to a week or longer to reply to emails then something is wrong and there's usually something wrong with the would-be client. So I will question them, do you have a computer? Do you have Internet connection or regular access to email? What is your work schedule? Do you have kids, if so, how many? If the person responds that they have a computer or ability to regularly access the Internet and email, and is not working 24/7, then this is a sign to me that something is off with this person. There really is no excuse why it should consistently take a person multiple days to reply to an email. This is 2015. So I will give the person one chance and tell them up front that they need to promptly reply to emails. If they don't, I turn them down as clients.

FYI: If I turn down a client then unless I specify otherwise it's for life and not just for that situation.

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