Monday, February 2, 2015

Purchasing Spirits

There is a practice that has been occurring for a long time now that I feel I need to caution people against. That practice is the buying or purchasing of spirits. In all my years of being online I have seen this done time and time again. I'm not sure people realize just how common this practice is.

People who purchase spirits come in three varieties:

1. People who want to improve their lives.
2. People who want power.
3. Curious collectors

There are people who are hurting and genuinely feel that purchasing a spirit will remedy their situations. These people I strongly empathize with as I understand they are only and misguidedly wanting to improve their situation. The people who want power literally want to use an enslaved spirit to do their bidding, treating it like a genie in a bottle. The curious collectors are just ignorant people who think it would be cool to own a spirit. These are the people who buy all these "ghost in a box" and "haunted jewelry" on eBay.

When it comes to the spirits that are sold, I've personally come across jinn, fairies/elves, Native American spirits, Loa/Orisha and other ATR spirits, ghosts (earthbound spirits), angels/demons, and Tulpas (thought forms, spirits willed into being). Possessing any of these spirits is potentially dangerous, even deadly.

So who is selling spirits anyway? Well, the sellers of spirits tend to be the following:

1. Con Artists
2. Cultural Thieves
3. Black Magicians/Witches

I think everyone understands the motivation of con artists. They want to make a quick buck. I would almost hope that anyone who purchases a spirit would fall victim to a con artist as there's not going to be an actual spirit involved that could cause problems. Cultural thieves are the individuals who believe they have the right to appropriate deities and spirits from religions they aren't part of and perform rituals that they have never received initiation in or teaching thereof. For example, it's very common for New Orleans Voodoo-types to sell spirits such as Eshu/Ellegua to people, not just selling a cement head or statue, but the actual orisha himself, telling clients that Eshu/Ellegua is in that head or statue. They also like to sell ellekes (beaded necklaces) in a similar fashion. The good news is that in the majority of the cases there is no actual spirit in the statue, head or elleke, despite what the seller claims, because the person who made the items does not have the knowledge or spiritual power to commune with the Orisha. However, there is still a risk that the seller may have offended an orisha and that could translate to problems in the life of the person who purchases the items.

Black magicians/witches are the category of sellers one really needs to be on the lookout against. A black magician/witch worth his/her salt will indeed have the power to trap a spirit, usually in a stone, crystal, gem, bottle, etc. Stones and crystals are ideal containers for spirits as their crystalline mineral structures lend themselves to the storing of energy. I know this can be done because I've done it myself, not to create a slave but to be rid of a negative spirit that would not leave me be through any other method. This spirit that plagued me is now trapped at the bottom of a lake and will not be free until perhaps centuries after I'm dead. So I don't doubt this power. If I can do it the I know others can too.

So why is purchasing a spirit so wrong? To be blunt, when you purchase a spirit you are purchasing a slave. You are no better than a slave master. That's what you are. Spirits have wills of their own and you are acting to enforce your will upon them and making them do your bidding. You can buy a spirit that a powerful magician/witch/worker made for you. They had enough power to trap that spirit but do you have enough power to control it? Because if not that spirit will sense you are weak, weaker than the one who trapped it, and it will rebel. It will gain it's freedom an it will take it's anger out on you. Your life is going to go to shit and you will probably not understand why because you probably thought this spirit is "good" and was meant to help better your situation. Case in point, I was recently contacted by a woman who mentioned that she was under attack. I did a reading and I told her that she is being preyed upon by a demonic entity that was in a corner of her room. She didn't make the connection at first but eventually emailed me back to tell me that she had purchased a spirit that was trapped in a stone and that she was keeping it in a corner of her room. She ensured me that the spirit was "good", because she purchased it to help improve her life. She didn't realize the spirit had rebelled and was sucking her life force. So she ended up sending the mess to me for me to ritually dispose of it. Let me just say that spirit was nasty. It hissed at me throughout the entire ritual. So let that be a warning to people.

You don't need to purchase a spirit to better your situation. You already likely have multiple spirits around you that will gladly help you in your time of need. The spirits of your ancestors are extremely close to their kin. They can easily be asked for help in times of need. Additionally, one can form consensual relationships with spirits so neither party is being victimized and mistreated. Finally, one can properly join religions, such as ATRS, where worshipers are taught the proper way to interact with the deities and spirits. So there truly is no excuse for someone to purchase a spirit.

Finally, I want to urge extreme caution in purchasing spirits who were never human. Those are the most dangerous to possess and they tend not to have compassion for the human condition because they've never experienced it. Of the non-human spirits, Tulpas or thought forms, spirits willed into being, are notorious for rebelling against their creator/master. So be warned.


  1. I've never heard of such a practice, and I have been to some pretty heavy duty magick sites. I don't think I'd ever want a genie in a bottle.

    I HAVE had "spirits" in objects, however. But these are just objects that are charged with majik. The longer you keep them, the more powerful they become. For instance, say you want the world to shift back to a certain time where things were perhaps brighter.. well you pull out your majik object and let it sit out and radiate its energies.

    Perhaps you want to punish someone. You bring out an object from a time period where that person was in chaos and let that sit out.

    But that's the only kind of spirit type working I've ever done with objects.

    1. The selling and purchasing of spirits is very common.

  2. Is it? Where does one find such things? Just curious. Like I said, I don't want a genie in a bottle or anything like that.

    1. You can get them from dark magicians and witches. On eBay they sell a lot of allegedly haunted and possessed items as well.

  3. My brother is a black magickian, but I don't think he's ever caught a spirit in an object. At least as far as I know. He's very willy nilly about his magick. I doubt he has the discipline to learn how to do such a thing. I however, am curious about how to do this because I have this grey thing that keeps bothering me when I'm in my backyard. I think it might be a dead cat. It toys with my present cat and I don't want it leading her in front of a car or something. Can you recommend any books?

    1. I don't know of any books about this.

  4. Oh, I looked it up and it's exorcists who are doing this as far as I've seen so far. But they're capturing ghosts, which really sucks because it's better to convince a ghost to go home, at least according to my friend who deals with them on a daily basis. She hasn't been able to do anything about the grey thing, so that's why I think it's an animal or something else.

    1. Spirits are sold and bought for a variety of reason, some which I listed in the blog entry above. As a worker I've had to help several clients who have purchases spirits only to have them rebel and cause the harm. It's more than just "exorcists". Lots of black magicians and witches are selling them.

  5. Well that sounds like they're conjuring demons, which is something that my brother does do. I actually think he's demon-possessed, personally. I think that's what happens when you play with that stuff.

    I'm sorry that your clients have had to go through such things, but luckily they have you to help them. :)