Thursday, February 26, 2015

Steve Wehmeyer Would Like To Share His Latest Work With My Readers

My readers may remember my previous blog titled, Unkus Identified?, where I theorize that the "Unkus" spirit from the work of Harry Middleton Hyatt, may in fact be the spirit of White Eagle. (If you haven't read the blog post click the link above.)

I included a link to author Steve Wehmeyer's piece on New Orleans spiritual altars and their Kongo elements. Well, Wehmeyer is back with a new work which he would like to share with readers. Wehmeyer authored a chapter in, Esotericism In African American Religious Experience "There Is A Mystery" edited by Stephen C. Finley, Margarita Simon Guillory, and Hugh R. Page, Jr. 

Wehmeyer authored chapter 15 of the book,

Conjurational Contraptions: Techno-Hermeneutics, Mechanical Wizardry, and the Material Culture of African American Folk Magic

You can read this chapter by clicking the following link. Please be advised that there is a few hoops to jump through before you can read it. You can not simply view it at the site. You will need to download the pdf. Before you can download you will need to sign up for the site. You can skip many of the associated steps by clicking "skip step" at the bottom right of the page. Your tenacity will be rewarded. This is a fascinating read. 

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