Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Testimony From A Client

This Aaron (fake name for anonymity). Aaron got a reading with me some time back and emailed me to let me know how pleased he was. He has since hired me for conjure work.

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I spoke with Doc a few months ago, when I was a few weeks into a new job. I had come to him for a reading and a mojo bag. He was pleasant and thoughtful, which I expected, but amazingly accurate, too - more so than I'd ever imagined. He was right about an amazing financial shift he saw coming for me - within months I received a sizable increase that really astonished me. He was right about the hectic and demanding schedule, how a specific woman would be my champion,  the aloofness I could expect from senior managers, as well as why they were aloof. He even went on to share details about my personal life, which I hadn't explicitly contacted him about. Those were right, too, from discerning an unexpressed desire to have children to seeing that I was in a stagnant relationship and intuiting the source of the stagnation. At every turn he was just amazing and helpful and perceptive. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for his help again. In fact, I already have. He has a real gift. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across him.

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