Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Very Sad News For Marie Laveau Fans

Starting in March, New Orleans will restrict access to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 due to recent vandalism. As many may remember, Marie Laveau's tomb was recently painted pink by a disturbed teenager, causing an expensive restoration effort. Also, the ritual of making an "x" at her tomb has increased to the point that authorities feel they need to take steps to discourage such practice.

Starting in March, visitors will not be able to just go by themselves to the cemetery unless they can prove they have family laid to rest in the cemetery. All other visitors must accompany a tour guide and tour guides must register and pay a fee for the ability to take their tour group to the cemetery. The money will be used to purchase security cameras and pay for security guards.

This new change will likely bring an end to many of the rituals that take place at Marie Laveau's tomb.



  1. Good. If she's truly in there, she deserves peace.

  2. That was probably the best thing.