Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Method Of Long-Term Candle Burning

Recently I blogged on the 6-12-6 candle burning method which you can read by clicking HERE. Another traditional method of candle burning, especially long-term candle burning is the Monday-Wednesday-Friday method. This method was documented by Harry Middleton Hyatt as being the most popular method for long-term candle burning.

In order to understand this method readers will need to understand that times were different in decades past. Many people worked day jobs, temp jobs and seasonal work and thus did not work consistently. Most people also didn't have a lot of money to spend on fancy items that many practitioners buy today. People used what they could easily get and better yet, they stretched it out as long as possible, which is the very essence of the Monday-Wednesday-Friday method.

The Monday-Wednesday-Friday method is basically an extension of the 6-12-6 method projected onto the week. In the 6-12-6 method, the candle is burned at the morning or beginning of the day, at noon or the midday and at evening or the end of the day. So the Monday-Wednesday-Friday is burning a candle at the beginning of the week, the middle of the week and at the end of the week. The candle, preferably a jumbo candle in the proper color for the situation or else in white, is marked, blessed, prayed over, dressed with oil, rolled in herbs or powders, etc., or however one fixes their candles. Then in conjunction with the 6-12-6 method the candle is burned on Monday starting at 6:00 AM for 15 minutes and then pinched out. At 12:00 Noon the candle is lit again for 15 minutes and then pinched out. Finally at 6:00 PM the candle is lit for the last time that day for 15 minutes and then pinched out. Of course the petition is repeated upon each candle lighting. The same process would occur for Wednesday and Friday with Tuesday and Thursday being days of rest in between the work.

Readers may ask what's the point of the Monday-Wednesday-Friday method when all one has to do is to light a 7 day glass enclosed candle or a Catholic religious novena candle and and just repeat the prayers or petitions as it burns each day? The answer is that this method predates the use of 7 day glass candles for magic. The quaint paper and/or silkscreen glass candles didn't appear until the early 70s, being a twist on the Catholic religious novena candles minus the saints and re-purposed for specific conditions. This method also allows one to stretch the candle further and thus save money. A jumbo candle used in this method will last weeks, possibly even months.

My suggestion for fellow hoodoo and conjure folk is to return to this method when one is doing long-term work. Like with the 12-6-12 method, it would be a shame for this to completely die out. So if you are faced with a situation that requires long-germ work, do keep this method in mind.

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  1. This is pretty much like treating a spiritual candle as though it were a special decorative candle that one burns only at certain times, it seems.