Monday, March 30, 2015

Salem Season 2 - Witch War

WGN's hit series, Salem, returns for a second season starting on April 5, 2015. The second season is titled, Witch War.

Brush up on season one below.

Season 2 trailer:

If you like the opening theme then here is the full song. It's Marilyn Manson's "Cupid Carries A Gun".

Salem is perhaps the best witch show to air on t.v. to date, primarily because it remains true to actual witch lore and to the witches that people actually believed existed, the witches people feared. In Salem the witches perform the classic behavior and actions associated with witches, such as cursing, putting "live things" and other objects in people and hag riding, that have continued down into hoodoo and other folk magic traditions. That's right. You read correct. A hag, sometimes called "Boo Hag" or "Slip Skin Hag" is a witch who has left her body at night and who attacks sleeping people to either rape or torture. This is classic European lore that has become a contribution to hoodoo.

Trivia: In the series when a witch leaves her body to ride a victim she will always appear as a horribly old and disgusting hag even though the witch herself might be young and beautiful. This is explained as the witch's soul is corrupted by her pact with the Devil.


  1. Oh god. I have been waiting for season 2 with bated breath. My favorite show in a long time!