Monday, March 30, 2015

The United States Of Hoodoo (2012)

I'm posting a link to the full documentary below as it gathered a bit of interest over the past few years. However, a bit of a warning. The documentary has nothing to do with hoodoo. There is only one small segment about Robert Johnson that even remotely comes close to hoodoo and even then it's only extremely superficial stuff. I really do not think the documentary maker/author knows what hoodoo is. Personally, I found the documentary to be a bit boring and discombobulated. Many of the segments never "synced" with each other and never melded into a coherent whole. The "New Orleans Voodoo" segment was a joke, as usual. Not only did the documentary maker seemingly not know what hoodoo is but he also didn't seem to understand that "New Orleans Voodoo" is a form of black exploitation, having been invented by white people and with white people making up the majority of "practitioners" today. I also had issue with some of the stuff told by that "Native American Shaman". I Googled that so-called tribe he claimed to be and he could be either Shawnee, Lakota or part of a made-up fraternity and not an actual Native American. So I don't know what the truth is there. I did find the end of the documentary to be touching. So my best advice would be to approach the documentary from an artistic stance and then you might not be so disappointed.

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