Monday, April 20, 2015

2 Year Anniversary Of Quitting Smoking

April 10th was my 2 year anniversary of quitting smoking. I can't believe how far I have come. The entire trip has been relatively smooth and easy. I have not once cheated and smoked a cigarette, although I still continue to smoke in my dreams. In fact, last night I had another smoking dream, a dream where I am smoking a cigarette and am enjoying it only to then realize that I had quit smoking. I normally wake up feeling guilty. However, in waking life I have no desire to smoke a cigarette. In fact, they now repulse me. I get ill when I smell a cigarette.

When I start vaping I started on about 24mg of nicotine e-liquid and then worked down to 12mg, then 6mg and now I vape 3mg nicotine e-liquid. So the next step would be to move down to 1mg nicotine e-liquid, if they even make such. However, I'm in no hurry to quit vaping as I really enjoy it and of course it's safer than cigarettes.

The battle for vaping rights is not over with. The FDA continues to threaten new legislation that would be implemented next year that would basically hand over the entire industry to Big Tobacco and force people back to smoking cigarettes by making the vaping experience be unsatisfying. Additionally, many state and local governments are going all-out Nazi against e-cigs and vaping and are trying to pass draconian laws. In once city, sorry can't recall offhand, they want to make it illegal to vape in a vaping shop. That's how insane the haters can be.

I still encourage current smokers to try vaping. I would very much like for all current smokers to transition over to e-cigs. However, the main hurdle is the stubbornness and stupidity of some smokers who think that since they are currently healthy then therefore they don't need to transition. Well, the whole point is to transition before you develop adverse health problems from smoking, not to wait until they develop. The reason being is that some people don't get a second chance to try to change their life around. If a person waits until they are diagnosed with COPD then they need to realize that they will never be cured or recover from it. They will have it the rest of their lives.

Just to recap some benefits of vaping:

-No stink.
-No staining of teeth or fingers.
-No having to go outside in the heat or cold. (When I was a smoker I was so addicted I would stand outside during a raging thunderstorm just to smoke.)
-Breathe easier. The smokers' cough quickly disappears after transitioning.
-Huge choice of flavors.
-No tar means no cancer-causing chemicals.
-No offending of nearby people. The majority of people are cool with e-cigs and people vaping. Only a few paranoid Nazis think that being near a person vaping i dangerous. I vape in public all the time and not once has anyone acted like they were offended or asked me to stop or go elsewhere to vape.
-Easy to get around bans. Even in places where there are e-cig bans it is incredibly easy to vape with no one knowing. Since there is no stench or smoke there is really no evidence that one was just vaping.

When you realize there really are no benefits of smoking then current smokers should realize that they need to transition. Current smokers should realize they are not in love with nor addicted to cancer-causing tar in cigarettes. It's the nicotine they are after and e-cigs completely satisfy that craving.


  1. I haven't smoked a cigarette in over 15 years and I still have smoking dreams.

    1. Mine are so vivid I can actually feel the inhale.

  2. I love vaping too! I hope the future of vaping isn't in peril. It gets such bad press. Congrats on your brave victory!