Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Root Doctor Rap

This little "rap" is taken from a documentary on Voodoo that I don't think has been released. The root worker in the video makes up a hand for a client. The hand consists of multiple John the Conqueror roots that have been smashed with a hammer, possibly to unleash the power in them, some herb that might be 5 finger grass and some powder that is either sachet powder or powdered sugar, I can't tell. Also note how much the root worker wets the hand with oil and that he sprayed the bag with a hoodoo aerosol spray. I remember on a forum once that I mentioned I saw a real-life worker spray a person down with a hoodoo aerosol spray and I was attacked and made fun of as if I made it up or didn't know what I was talking about. This guy is the real deal and he represents the style of real-life workers of days passed. He's a dying breed. Too bad I don't have his personal information nor do I even know if he's still alive.