Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spirit Dream

So my granddad passed away before New Years. Well, the other night I had my first dream of him. In the dream he and my grandma, who is still living but paralyzed from a stroke, were sitting in this house or living-room setting that I did not recognize. My granddad told me that I could kill someone by shooting a bullet at some one's picture. Don't ask me why he said that, he just did. Then my granddad starting asking questions about pictures and wanting me to show them to him or tell him about some pictures. I didn't know what he meant and I told him that. Well, he looked a bit frustrated and then my grandmother tried to talk but started to cough something fierce. I then wake up. Not the next day but the day after I was talking to my sister-in-law and I mentioned the dream. She then told me to go talk to my dad because my dad was talking about pictures. So the day after that I went and talked to my dad. It turned out that the day before my dream my dad had gone to my uncle's house and had gotten a whole box full of old pictures of the family from decades ago and was going through them. So I smiled and knew it was an actual spirit visitation and not just a dream.

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