Thursday, May 7, 2015

Can I Throw Remains From A Work In The Trash?

Somebody emailed this question to me yesterday and though I don't advertise that I'm here to answer your questions I thought I would address this in a blog entry.

Is it okay to throw away the remains of a spell or work you just did? Most would say no. However, I would answer that it depends on the work. Traditionally, remains were treated in a specific fashion, buried, taken the crossroads, taken to a cemetery, thrown in a river, etc. However, those are not the only ways in which one can dispose of spell remains.

I would strongly suggest that one consider the symbolism of throwing something away in the trash. To do so symbolizes the item is worthless, used up, spoiled, has outlived it's purpose, is no good or is ruined. Now how would incorporating that symbolism by throwing away the remains of a spell effect it? Should you throw away the remains of a love spell? What about a money spell? Of course the answer is no. However, when you are doing enemy work the incorporation of throwing the remains away can fit nicely into your scheme. Let me give you a few hints:

1. If you are hot footing or banishing someone, throw the remains away. As they are carried off to the dump so shall he person be carried off.

2. If you are breaking up a couple, throw away the remains that involve one of the parties so that as it is carried off to the dump that said person be carried off while the other person remains.

3. If you are banishing or crossing someone up throw the remains of the spell out in the wilderness where they are forced to remain alone and isolated from society. This would be really good if you want to cast them into depression or drive them mad.

4. If you want to cross someone up to be hated not only can you use various "hate" spiritual supplies but you can also dispose of the remains in the trash while stating that the person is utter trash, refuse and shall be treated as such by society.

5. If you want to cross someone up take the remains directly to the landfill or dump and "tie the person down" there. Think along the lines of rail road spikes, incorporating anchor imagery or holding them down with a heavy rock. Make sure to state that this is the person's new home, that their life was, is, and shall ever be garbage.  The spirit of the dump is decomposition, that is of breaking things down and rotting. So they won't be able to create or make anything out of their life.

Note: You can use an illegal dump in the same manner. Also, if you are going to throw away spell remains as part of enemy work, do not leave the trash in your house! Either immediately take out the trash or take it to a public trash can or trash bin. You don't want that mess in your house.

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